FromSoftware is one of the most competent studios today — but that’s no longer a secret to anyone. Its main calling card is the difficulty of its games, but another indispensable quality of its portfolio is its flexibility in creating intriguing stories and different gameplay styles.

After a long time focusing heavily on soulsborne combat in games like Demon’s Soulsthe entire franchise Dark Souls e Bloodbornethe Japanese giant came with a different proposal for Axe: Shadows Die Twicebringing an elegant approach to very challenging stealth gameplay.

The good news here, however, is that An axe completed five years on the market last Friday (22). Therefore, nothing better than celebrating the 2019 Game of the Year by remembering some of the main information from this epic adventure!

A merciless feudal Japan

Axe: Shadows Die Twice takes players to ruthless feudal Japan, where a warrior called “Wolf” embarks on a journey of revenge after being resurrected by a supernatural being.

The protagonist was sworn to protect a young lord descended from an ancient bloodline — and that, of course, is reason enough to become the target of many dangerous enemies, including the feared Ashina clan.

Sekiro completed five years on the market last Friday (22).Fonts: Ax

The game is set in a fantasy Japan of the 1500s, a brutal period of conflict in which enemies roam a dark and distorted world. When the young lord is captured by the rival clan, the Wolf sets out on a journey of redemption in which nothing will stop him — not even death itself.

For the adventure, nothing less than the FromSoftware seal of quality. Here, you have a different arsenal of tools and can also use deadly ninja skills — while alternating between stealth, vertical traversal and visceral combat, in a dynamic and bloody style.

Absolute success

The reception of Axe: Shadows Die Twice it couldn’t be any different. The game debuted in the best way possible, both with fans and critics. On Metacritic, for example, it boasts an average of 90 points — based on 88 reviews from specialized media.

Regarding its sales number, according to FromSoftware’s latest update on X (formerly Twitter) in September last year, An axe has sold more than 10 million units since launch in 2019 — a number that could potentially be even higher.

Where to play Sekiro?

An axe is officially available for PS4, Xbox One and PC — but also runs on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Check the prices on the platforms below:

Have you ever had the opportunity to venture into the miserable lands of An axe? Comment on social media Voxel your opinion on the 2019 GOTY!


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