quotation marks announced this Monday (11) that the contract with LOUD has ended and is looking for new proposals for 2024. However, according to The Enemy, the motivations for the decision were the result of a series of factors that accumulated over time.

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In the publication, journalist Bruno Povoleri stated that he considered leaving LOUD since the Champions 2022, as happened with Sacy e blow. However, the organization convinced him to stay for the following year.

Throughout the season, Aspas lost confidence in the team and also in the structure of LOUD in the USA, headquarters of the VCT Americas. The organization resolved the initial dissatisfaction, but quotes had already made its decision. Furthermore, the player’s father traveled to the United States to assess the situation.

Still during the investigation, another point of disagreement was the failure to comply with some promises made by LOUD. Furthermore, people close to the VALORANT star argued that he should make better use of the moment in his career to obtain a higher salary than he was receiving.

At a crucial moment, during the Champions 2023, information from a leaker indicated a bad atmosphere among other players on the team. However, this issue did not influence his decision.

Image of quotation marks, by LOUD, in VALORANT Champions 2023
(Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)

Player stated in a press conference that he had no intention of leaving LOUD

Curiously, after being eliminated from the World Cup, quotes stated in a press conference that he had no intention of leaving LOUD. However, at that point, he had already made the decision, but had not communicated it internally.

LOUD tried to renew the contract, but quotes did not accept it

LOUD, aware of the player’s desire to leave the organization, made a renewal proposal and tried their best to keep him for at least one more competitive season. However, the player declined the offer and chose to announce his decision independently on social media, which was not aligned with the organization.

quotes left LOUD without having agreed with any organization and plans to evaluate them all before deciding its future. It is worth remembering that the More Esports found out NRG’s interest in signing the athlete for 2024.

Image of LOUD quote in VALORANT Champions 2023
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

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