Em Starfield, in addition to the main plot and secondary quests, you also find 4 different factions throughout the galaxy. Each of them has a very complete story told through longer quest lines. In these questlines, you will need to make several decisions that can change the course of the stories of these factions and you may even have to choose which ones you will continue to support until the end.

Fortunately, regardless of your decisions, if you follow all the quests presented in the 4 factions, the game considers that you have completed them all, even if you didn’t stay allied with them all until the end. By doing this, you get a very good prize for each one and you can even see a special result when you complete the game’s main plot. Although all of this is completely optional, it adds a more interesting and special layer to your game. Without giving away any spoilers, we will detail these factions a little and tell you where you can start your adventure with them. Check it out below!

Union of Colonies

The Union of Colonies Vanguard is the first faction that may appear on your path if you follow the main quests. The building where you can enlist is in the TAMC District, in Nova Atlântida, one of the first cities you will visit in Starfield, on the planet of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. Just enter the huge building marked MAST right in the center of the district and talk to Commander John Tuala.

Commander John Tuala will take care of your enrollment in the Vanguard of the Union of Colonies!Source: Bethesda/Reproduction

You can go there at any time on your own or wait for Sarah Morgan (your Constellation companion) to take you there when completing her personal quest. In any case, tell the Commander that you are interested in being part of the Vanguard to begin this faction’s missions. Without revealing too much, I can confirm that this faction has one of the most interesting plots and that it tells a lot about what happened in the years before the events of the game.

Freestar Confederation

The Freestar Confederation is almost an old-fashioned police force in Starfield and you will encounter this faction naturally when following the main plot of the game when doing the mission “The Empty Nest” alongside Sam Coe (your Constellation companion). This quest takes you to the city of Akila in the Chayene system, where you will come across a situation of people being held hostage in a bank as soon as you set foot there. You can try to intervene to negotiate with the criminals and do your best to prevent the hostages from getting hurt.

By speaking to Ranger Emma Wilcox, you will be able to begin your missions at FreestarBy speaking to Ranger Emma Wilcox, you will be able to begin your missions at FreestarSource: Bethesda/Reproduction

When this event is over, Deputy Daniel Blake will recommend that you go to the “A Rocha” building, which is right in the center of the city to talk to Patrolman Emma Wilcox if you want to join Freestar.

Ryujin Industries

If you find corporate espionage fun, then Ryujin could be a perfect faction for your game! To enter it, simply approach a red Ryujin Industries kiosk found in some cities, such as New Atlântida, and apply for a job. This will start the faction quest immediately, simply by going to Neon City and visiting Ryujin headquarters to do your job interview.

Ryujin can be a lot of fun if you like the concept of espionageRyujin can be a lot of fun if you like the concept of espionageSource: Bethesda/Reproduction

Their building is very easy to find, as it is located at one of the ends of Neon and is all red, as you can see in the image above. It doesn’t really matter what you fill out in your application at the kiosk, as the company needs anyone who agrees to do dirty work.

Scarlet Fleet

The Scarlet Fleet is a company of space pirates and there are multiple ways to join this faction. You can be arrested by the Colony Union for a crime, you can talk to Commander John Tuala of the Colony Union after you are already part of the Vanguard, or you can talk to Commander Ikande on the UC Vigilance ship in the Sol system. Any of these options can start the mission “Secret Operation”, the plan of which is to infiltrate the Scarlet Fleet as a double agent.

Going to the UC Vigilance ship is just one of the ways to start your mission in the Scarlet FleetGoing to the UC Vigilance ship is just one of the ways to start your mission in the Scarlet FleetSource: Bethesda/Reproduction

Although your task is to provide information to the police, you have complete freedom to choose to truly be part of the Scarlet Fleet and swear loyalty to them. Of course, decisions like this have consequences, so it’s a good idea to think carefully about what you prefer to do or even make an extra save to see the possible immediate results.

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