Recently, a page reported that the Chamber should undergo new buffs in Update 8.03. Furthermore, on reddit a player created a discussion about a possible change in the meta, if these improvements happen.

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In the post, the user stated that he entered the “hype” with these possible changes, but believes that it will be difficult to see some players with the agent.

I’m so excited right now. But I still don’t think Yay will play much Chamber this year. Maybe later in the year we’ll see some action at Chamber, but I still doubt Yay will ever return as the agent’s boss.

On the other hand, another player stated that the changes are in the economy, that is, the agent will not suffer that much of an impact.

The Chamber buff makes your Headhunter not a waste of money and the faster ult can help in some scenarios, but its power level hasn’t really changed. I still don’t think we’ll see much of Chamber other than Bind and maybe Lotus (he’s gotten stronger on Lotus because of the map changes, but KJ is still far superior).

One user said that he does not believe that Chamber will change the meta, but he should appear more than in 2023.

It’s not exactly meta, but it’s definitely a more popular choice than last year, I think. Especially with Icebox back and Skye’s nerf.

Raquel Ferreira
published in February 15, 2024


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