The profile of VALUING on Weibo announced that the package of Champions 2021 will be released on the Chinese server. However, the exclusive collection that did not return to stores divided opinion among the community.

O VALORANT arrived on the Chinese server in July 2023, as a result, the country did not receive the collections from Riot’s last two FPS world championships. Fans were not very happy with the launch, which should take place on February 15th.

Community divides opinions on the launch of the Chinese server

One player commented that this is the only pack he doesn’t have in his collection.

Another player also asked Riot for the package to be returned, as she regrets not buying it.

I’m begging Riot to bring it back for the rest of the world because this is the only one I regret not getting and I will never get it again, please Riot, I’m begging you.

published in February 12, 2024


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