The last champion released in LoL is Smolder, a small Dragon ADC, and he has already made his debut in LCS 2024, the North American LoL league. However, for now the little creature is not having an easy life and continues to have a negative win rate.

Smolder na LCS 2024

For now, Smolder has been picked in six NALCS games (base category) and three LCS games. Furthermore, he has already been banned in 10 games in total, which shows that he has potential.

For now, Smolder has only three wins in total, one in the LCS and two in the NALCS, meaning he has a win rate of just 33%.

His only major league victory was at the hands of Dignitas ADC Tomo. The match in question was against Immortals, and ended 6/1/4. See the statistics:

What build are you doing for Smolder in competitive?

The build they are doing for Smolder is varied. In most games, AD items that combine with the excessive use of skills are priorities, such as Essence Harvester e Navori’s Swift Daggersalong with other ADC items (Smoking Cannon and Lord Dominik’s Souvenirs).

However, in some cases they even made Liandry e Gauntlet of the Glacinates for Smolder, which shows the potential of different builds. Although the little dragon was made to be an ADC, he also appeared in Mid on two occasions, and won one of them.

Smolder builds in the LCS (Image: Disclosure/Gol.GG)

Smolder should appear in other leagues soon

It is worth remembering that Smolder has already appeared in the LCS due to the league’s new guidelines, which will always be played in the current patch. It is expected that when the other leagues are playing on a newer patch, the dragon will start to be even more contested.

It is worth remembering that here in More Esports You get full coverage of CBLOL 2024, LCK 2024, LPL 2024, LEC 2024 and LCS 2024, so when Smolder starts appearing in these leagues, you’ll know!

Bruno Rodrigues
published in February 12, 2024


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