A Leviathan is one of the organizations interested in hiring quotation markswhich left the LOUD last Monday (11). In a podcast, the CEO of Leviatán, Fernando Diezgave updates on the proposals for the Brazilian star.

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After the announcement of LOUD’s departure, speculation began to emerge. One leaker reported the Chilean organization’s interest in signing the Brazilian playerconfirmed by Fernando.

During the broadcast on a Latin American podcast, the CEO spoke again about the subject and gave some updates on the progress of the conversations. Firstly, he explained that hiring is very complex. That’s because Asas became one of VALORANT’s biggest stars.

Honestly, I thought there was a 5% chance or less. Today, it has become something more complex and I feel there is a 30% chance.

Questioned by the presenters, Fernando stated that it is not an absolute no and that even with the player out of LOUD, Leviatán needed to get in touch with the manager of the Brazilian organization.

It’s a complete operation! We had to talk to the LOUD manager and issues like this are discussed and that’s why we had to review it.

CEO of Leviatán reveals proposal for quotes

Furthermore, he also stated that the player has other offers to analyze, but that Leviatán’s proposal is not just about salary, but rather so that he doesn’t feel like just a player, but rather, part of the organization.

Obviously he has proposals from Asia, Europe and the Americas, but our proposal is comprehensive, for him to be part of the profits from the t-shirts, if sponsors come from Brazil that we don’t have, they would obviously approach us and we are willing to give a percentage.

According to the CEO’s words, the salary proposal was lower than the others, especially in some different destinations, but he stated that he knows the team and also revealed that in the last year, Saadhak was close to going to Leviatan.

Exit from LOUD

quotes announced through social media the departure of LOUD and availability to listen to new proposals.

However, the The VALORANT star’s departure was motivated by dissatisfaction. A community reacted to the player’s departure and demonstrated that it was not a surpriseas rumors already indicated that he could leave the Brazilian team.

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-ceo-da-leviatan-revela-detalhes-da-proposta-para-aspas

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