The Brazilian game development industry has been experiencing its peak with increasingly different and daring titles. In one of these latest ventures in the national market, Adorean action, adventure and RPG game.

Launched by QuByte from São Paulo, with games such as Mars 2120, Breakers Collection e 99Vidasin partnership with Cadabra Games, a studio from Mato Grosso do Sul, Adore is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

It is a Monster Taming title, whose most famous representative is the series Pokémon. In the genre, it is possible to tame creatures and have them fight in an arena.

In the fight, Brazilian production also features real-time combat, such as League of Legends e Diablo.

But it’s not just comparisons that Adore lives, as the game has a lot of personality. Check out a little more about the new Brazilian title below.


The history of Adore begins by saying that Draknar, the God of creatures, is dead and that a curse is spreading across the world of Gaterdrik. In this scenario where monsters are being possessed by the curse, hope lies in the hands of Lukha, a young worshiper.

The protagonist is assisted by supporting characters such as Belina, a character who cooks ingredients to form items that improve life points, for example, and Maena, a monster trainer.

In Adore, the plot also has an air of mystery that remains throughout the game, which involves the death of Draknar.

Monster fight

With spiritual and god themes, the fights of Adore are a little different. Instead of releasing the monsters from a spherical capsule, the creatures in the Brazilian game are evoked by Lukha and her staff.

It is possible to carry four creatures at once (which are summoned by the action buttons) and they are called upon to attack in a directional or proximity manner.

Calling creatures cannot be done at will, as everything depends on the stamina bar. Some stronger monsters consume more stamina, while others consume less.


The fights are really the most interesting part of the game, as it is possible to attack in a more restrained way or simply throw everything you have at the wild enemies. In addition to the most common dungeon creatures, there are bosses where the difficulty of combat increases, but nothing that puts the player off.

And you need to be careful because Lukha can also take damage. When your domesticated animals’ life bar runs out, they will be out of combat and you will need to let them rest in a kind of sanctuary.

To increase the possibilities we have “synergies”, which will activate extra abilities in each cat. They also have special abilities that can be used when the energy is full.

Collecting creatures

Adore There are more than 40 creatures, including normal and legendary. Like any game with a list of creatures, there are some that are more striking and others that are quite generic.

And like a good Monster Taming, the animals can have their names changed, all to give even more that feeling that they are part of your clan. Just like in Pokémonit is possible to capture several monsters and leave them stored to exchange in your party from time to time.

The monsters are also separated by types such as Mystic, Beast, Dragon, Arcane and Nature. But unlike other titles, there are no levels or evolutions of the animals.


Guaranteed fun

According to QuByte, Adore is the first Brazilian Monster Taming. The game had a lot of expectations because, among other reasons, it won the award for best Brazilian game at BIG 2019.

The title guarantees hours of fun in fights, especially taking advantage of the mechanics of combining attacks between monsters.

Despite the lack of evolutions and the fact that the combats are not challenging, the national title comes to air the popular monster collection genre that saw its recent peak in games like Monster Hunter Rise (putting aside the series Pokémon).


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