The transfer window VALUING takes place with the end of the 2023 season. In a live broadcast, Casimiro (Cazé)one of the best-known streamers in Brazil, stated which players would be on his team, if he had an organization.

Casimiro (Disclosure/Esports Brasil Award)

Casimiro jokes about what it would be like if he had a VALORANT team

In his live, he joked and said: “I’m going to form an esports team”, seeing that Brazilian players seek high financial value and thus end up on other teams. He gave the example of Sacy, a former LOUD player, who currently defends LOUD and said what it would be like if he had a squad.

They change teams for money, but when they get there (international teams), they eat bread and mud. That won’t happen to me! It’s money, food, computers and it starts with VALORANT”, added the streamer.

Streamer talks about leaving LOUD quotes

Casimiro also reinforced that his team’s first signings would be Sacy and quotes. Furthermore, talked about the departure of the LOUD quote it’s at possible journey of the player to Leviatán.

I even found out that the quote goes to an Argentine team. I was outraged by this, I can’t believe he’s going to an Argentine team. The guys have more money than us, what kind of joke is this?

With the departure of the organization, the squad is looking for a new replacement to play alongside the team in the 2024 Franchise League. Names like xand, raafa, qck and others are being tested in the organization.

LOUD not VALORANT in 2023

Finally, LOUD is one of the teams participating in VCT Americas. The squad participated in all international championships in 2023 and was on the podium in two of them, as runner-up in the VCT LOCK//IN It is like third best team in the world in Champions 2023. In addition, the team won the VCT Americas.

Raquel Ferreira
published in September 28, 2023


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