After not receiving StarfieldBethesda’s most recent RPG game, the PS5 won’t have either The Elder Scrolls VI, one of the most anticipated titles of the coming years. The information was revealed in a document sent by Microsoft, during its battle against the United States Federal Trade Commission.

The information in this document was revealed by reporter Stephen Totilo, from the portal Axios, and published on your account on X (formerly Twitter). In it, Totilo shows a table, which provides details of some of Microsoft’s exclusive titles, such as Starfield, Redfall e The Elder Scrolls VI. The latter, in turn, does not have an official release date, but information that it will hit stores in 2026 or later.

Exclusives must become common

Since being acquired by Microsoft in 2020, Bethesda has only had one major release to date: Starfield. The game was released exclusively for the Xbox Series S/X and PC, leaving PS5 players with no hope of having the game on their platform. This shows that exclusivity could become a trend in the company’s next titles.

If that wasn’t enough, after a long legal battle, Microsoft is very close to completing the purchase of Actvision Blizzardcompany responsible for games like Diablo e Call of Duty. The shooting franchise, in turn, is one of the best-selling for the PS5, so an exclusivity could mean a big loss for Sony.

In the future, Call of Duty could also become a Microsoft-exclusive franchise.Fonte:  Activision

On the other hand, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, has already stated in an interview with Bloomberg what has no desire to take Activision Blizzard games off competing platforms. Still according to him, the most that can happen is the release of exclusive extra content for Microsoft consoles and PCs.

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Console Playstation 5

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The fifth edition of Sony’s console arrives more modern than ever, with great features, compatibility and a futuristic design.


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