As in arrival of another agent in the controller classsome players gave their impressions about Clove. The reserve player Sentinels, blow stated that elu is the best character created in the VALUING.

During a live broadcast, pANcada talked about Clove’s abilities. The player stated that he has some stolen skills and others are meant to be more aggressive.

The shot exchange mechanics are strong, although the healing lasts for a short time, but the Q (Devitalize) is stolen, this needs to be reduced, but the Viper had this same function and they were never nerfed.

pANcada says Clove is “the best agent”

Furthermore, the Brazilian stated that Clove is among the best agents in the game. This is because his abilities are more aggressive compared to other controllers.

Finally, he said that players with smoke characters always needed to play backwards, unlike duelists.

I’m having fun! Best agent they’ve ever done in the game. They created an agent for those who always wanted everything and had nothing because duelists have everything. One dash, they always stayed alive, all the heals and bangs for them, while we controllers suffered and had to play back.

Raquel Ferreira
published in April 1, 2024


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