In the last four years, Digital games have become one of the most important forms of fun and entertainment for Brazilians. This preference, naturally, is also reflected in the respective market sector, which has evolved considerably and won over a large national audience. This is what shows Game Brazil 2024 Surveydeveloped by Sioux Group and Go Gamers, in partnership with Blend New Research and ESPM.

The survey included the participation of 13,360 participants, interviewed between December 21, 2023 and January 17, 2024. In the large group, 73.9% of people said they had a habit of playing video games. The growth is 3.8 percentage points, compared to last year, and demonstrates the power of electronic games consumption in Brazil.

Another point that draws attention is that Electronic games are among the main forms of entertainment for respondents. During the pandemic period, in 2020, the percentage of players was 57.1%. In 2024, this number reaches a total of 85.4%showing the relevance of digital games as one of the main entertainment platforms for Brazilians.

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Trend in the consumption of digital games in Brazil in recent years.

Still according to data from PGB 2024, women once again stood out in this field and, today, represent 50.9% of all gamers. This increase is due to the fact that the use driven by smartphones, which holds the majority of the female audience. For Luiz Guilherme Guedes, CEO of EPICdigitais, a reference company in the creative economy sector, the creative market has never been hotter.

“We live in a deeply connected era that increasingly feels the need to identify with a community”, explains the businessman. “The gamer market is not just a means of entertainmentbut became a way to express yourself and connect with people who have the same interests and lifestyles”.

As Guedes explains, the data shows that Brazilian players share similar interests and cite common habits during gaming sessions, like watching videos, listening to music, and more. The survey also suggests that the preference for games is not necessarily recent, as more than 70% of respondents have been playing games since they were children.

gamer behavior brazilBrazilian gamer behavior, according to the PGB.

From consoles to the professional market

Os video games already represent the largest entertainment industry in the world, with an audience that consumes US$188 billion in products and services, according to the report from consultancy Newzoo. With the expectation of quadrupling income in Brazil by 2026, a career in the electronic games market has great potential. According to the PwC 2022-2026 report, the Brazilian electronic games industry is expected to reach US$ 2.8 billion (R$13 billion).

“In a market as gigantic as games, there is room for the most diverse professions. There is a huge range of possibilities in the sector, such as human resources professionals, public relations, accountants, marketing specialists, advertisers, project managers and sales analysts, for example. In the creative part, specifically involved in the creation of games, there is a need for people with skills in design, programming, software, testers, sound and more”, says Luiz Guilherme Guedes.

With the approval of the National Games Framework, This industry could grow even further with incentives and investments. In addition to benefiting the end consumer, the measure will also formalize the entry of professionals in the area into the market, generating new jobs.

Statistics of Brazilian players by platform

Knowing the importance of games for Brazilians, check out the national statistics on each platform below:



Cell Phones and Tablets

General Profile of Brazilian Players

Encouraging culture and games in Brazil

Together with Gamescom and BGS, the national gaming industry continues to receive new dedicated events, which in addition to celebrating culture, also enables contact between the public, content creators and game developers. This interest in the sector, including expanded beyond the Southeast Region and brings opportunities to other parts of Brazil.

Possibly one of the biggest examples is Exposol 2024, which takes place in the city of Soledade, in Rio Grande do Sul. Already traditional in the region, the event will host the Infinity Experience for the first time, which will open the fair and celebrate geek and gamer culture .

Those interested will be able to participate in the event from May 1st to 5th, at Parque de Eventos Centenário Rui Ortiz in Soledade, Rio Grande do Sul. Among the confirmed attractions are YouTube, games and pop culture creators, such as Rato Borrachudo, Drawer, Lisa Guerra, Mary Nikky and Coelho from Japan.

Counting on the production of EPICdigitais, the event will be a watershed for events outside the Southeast Axis. With an expected audience of six thousand people, Infinity Experience could become a reference for game fairs in the Southern Region of Brazil, allowing more Brazilians to participate in gamer and geek culture.

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