With the opening of 2024 and the squads of the Franchise League of VALUING almost all complete, the initial championships, kick-off in each region will begin in February. So, check out all the players from Brazil who will be present at the VCT Americas 2024.

The VALORANT Main League has 43 teams divided into four regions: Americas, EMEA, Pacific e Chinathe latter launched at the end of 2023. Among these, only three organizations are Brazilian, MIBR, FURY e LOUD.

Check out all the Brazilian players at VCT Americas 2024


(Photo: Disclosure/MIBR)
  • French
  • at least
  • jzz
  • RglM
  • adult
  • fRoD (coach)
  • bzkA (coach)


FURIA cast of VALORANT for 2024
(Photo: Reproduction/FURIA)
  • in a row
  • liazzi
  • havoc
  • con4n
  • khalil
  • Koy (coach)


(Photo: Disclosure/LOUD)
  • saadhak
  • Less
  • cauanzin
  • tuyZ
  • qck
  • Little (coach)
  • Stk (coach)

Other Brazilian players at VCT Americas

In addition to the Brazilian teams participating in VCT Americas, other players from the country also appear in squads from other regions.


aspas in Leviathan
(Photo: Disclosure/Leviatán)


Photo of Sacy and pANcada, Sentinels players competing in VCT Americas 2023
(Photo: Riot Games)

When will Brazilian teams debut at VCT Americas 2024?

The Kick-off starts on the day February 16 will qualify the teams for the Masters Madrid which will take place in Spain between March 14th and 24th. The 8 best teams in the world will compete in the Madrid Arena for the first international event.

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