The year 2023 was particularly busy in the gaming universe. After the pandemic where companies had to deal with postponements due to the transformations in remote work, the gaming industry seems to have come back with a bang.

One of the examples that the period was special for gamers is the The Game Awards (TGA). In one of the busiest years in history, Baldur’s Gate 3 became the best game competing against giants like Alan Wake 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Resident Evil 4, Super Mario Bros. Wonder e The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In the midst of so many launches and leaks, 2023 was still marked by historical facts such as the revelation of GTA 6. The most anticipated title of all time has a trailer and a release window.

As expected, those who followed the news also saw an extensive list of controversies. Among the events are sexy controversial mods, debatable bills and even video game icons using drugs and swearing.

Taking advantage of this year-end period, the Voxel launches its retrospective showing the 20 most read news here. Check out everything that happened in 2023 below:

1. PS5 Slim is officially announced by Sony! Get to know the console;

2. Total nostalgia: 7 games that were successful in internet cafes;

3. Mortal Kombat of the famous created with AI brings Musk, Einstein and more fighters;

4. Street Fighter 6: Chun-Li appears naked in a tournament; watch video;

5. The Witcher 3 there are realistic vaginas that were made accidentally;

6. Young man buys PS5, receives wrong delivery twice and goes viral;

7. Americanas launches promotion with Xbox One and PS4 games for R$20; see the titles;

8. 11 games with local co-op available on Xbox Game Pass;

9. Xbox receives official emulator with 1400 retro games; know;

10. Abragames repudiates legal framework for games: ‘incalculable setback’;

11. GTA 6 gets official trailer and arrives in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X;

12. Rayman uses drugs and swears in a new Ubisoft series on Netflix;

13. Garten of Banban: discover the story and where to play for free;

14. The Witcher 3: realistic vaginas mod may have been used without permission;

15. Youtuber creates his own GTA 6 in 150 days and impressive results;

16. 10 most downloaded PS2 games for emulation;

17. Mortal Kombat 1: see complete list of all Fatalities;

18. Beauty is not everything: 10 games that failed even with good graphics;

19. Video in Unreal Engine 5 deceives with graphics that look like real footage;

20. Unrecord: dev posts new gameplay to prove that the game is not fake.


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