With the end of the championships of OFF//SEASONthe world of VALUING prepares for the year 2024 after a season full of emotions and twists. The year 2023 marked intense competitions, from the epic VCT LOCK//IN until completion with the Game Changers Championship 2023. O More Esports brings a complete retrospective, remembering the moments that defined the game’s competitive scene.

VCT LOCK//IN: The Beginning of the Journey

The season started on Brazilian soil with the VCT LOCK//IN, held at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium. A LOUDdespite undergoing changes in the squad, presented an impressive campaign, advancing to the grand final against Fnatic. Despite a packed Ibirapuera Gymnasium and a series worthy of the final, Fnatic came out on top, leaving the Brazilians with a bitter taste in their Icebox.

(Photo: Riot Games)

Regional Leagues and International Highlights

After the tournament in Brazil, the teams dispersed to their respective regions, starting regional leagues. LOUD, MIBR e FURY represented Brazil in the VCT Americas.

LOUD, Team Liquid and Paper Rex: Regional Champions

At the end of the VCT Americas, EMEA and Pacific regular season, LOUD, Team Liquid e Paper Rex became champions of their regions. Fnatic dominated the regular phase, but struggled in the grand finals, where Team Liquid emerged as winners. In the Pacific, DRX and Paper Rex were the protagonists, with Paper Rex coming out on top in the decisive clashes.

LOUD, in turn, took the lead in the Americas with the highlight of eight wins and one defeat in the regular season and winning the title of champion, in addition to leading the tournament statistics.

Photo of the LOUD team with the VCT Americas 2023 trophy
(Photo: Riot Games)

Masters Tokyo: Surprises and Emotions

Twelve qualified teams embarked for Japan, starting the Masters Tokyo. LOUD surprised by being eliminated without winning a map, while LOUD Evil Geniuses, third place in the regional leagues, stood out with an exceptional campaign.

Furthermore, Fnatic managed to win their second international title after beating EG and winning the championship.

image of Fnatic, grand champion of Masters Tokyo
(Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)

Champions 2023 and Potter as the first woman at the top

Evil Geniuses’ journey in August 2023 began in Tokyo, where the team, under Potter’s leadership, showed that their performance was not just a good time. The coach stood out as the only woman working in the mixed VALORANT scenario, defying stereotypes and leading her team to a campaign worthy of applause.

The most emblematic moment came when Evil Geniuses met Paper Rex in the grand final, where they dominated and won the title of VALORANT world champion in 2023.

The achievement not only established Evil Geniuses as the best team in the world, but also made history by making Potter the first female VALORANT Champions champion. Her skill as a coach and leader has inspired not only her team, but has also proven to many other women that it is possible to reach the top in such a competitive scenario.

potter image in VALORANT Masters tokyo
(Foto: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Game Changers Championship: Team Liquid Brasil shining at the Worlds

The official season ended with the Game Changers Championship, held in Brazil. A Team Liquideven starting with a defeat to G2 Gozen, demonstrated a remarkable evolution, eliminating teams like Evil Geniuses and G2 Gozen. However, the Shopify Rebellion won the grand final after an exciting confrontation full of twists and turns.

Team Liquid champion of Game Changers Brazil
(Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)

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