The trailer for GTA 6 It was finally revealed by Rockstar in early December, bringing heated discussions in the community — as well as a lot of hype and expectation. A few days after the announcement, there are already people out there paying tribute to the game and doing an impressive cosplay of Lucia, one of the protagonists of the sequel.

It’s not very difficult to dress like the character, just plain clothes and a gangster scarf over your face. However, what caught the most attention about this Lucia cosplay is the similarity between the girl and the protagonist, who are really very identical. Her name is Jaelani Jade and she is a content creator. Check it out below:

In the video, which already has more than 3.8 million views on X (formerly Twitter), Lucia’s cosplayer enters a convenience store in a very similar way to the one in the trailer for GTA 6 — but, of course, without wielding a weapon.

Then, two people who were in the store start saying that the girl was the character herself, then they start waving and even asking for an advance copy of the game: “It’s really her. Can I have a free copy of the game? ? Maybe a pre-launch?”

Lucia cosplayer sparks rumors about GTA 6 on social media

The “MiiuMiu” profile, which published the video on the social network, suggests that something could happen soon, saying “I can’t wait to tell you more.” What exactly is going on behind the scenes is still a mystery.

Some fans speculate that this X account could be that of actress Alexandra Echavarri, who supposedly voiced Lucia in GTA 6. Of course, this information has not yet been officially confirmed., but it is worth noting that two other videos were published by her. Although both do not bring images, it is possible to hear some suggestive sounds that could possibly be related to the game, such as police sirens and voices coming from a radio.

Another detail that draws attention is the biography of the account on X, which claims to be the “protagonist of GTA 6“. Well, suggestive or not, it’s better to wait for the next chapters to draw any conclusions, right? In any case, it’s a fact that Lucia’s cosplay was really good!

GTA 6 will be released sometime in 2025 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The PC has not been mentioned at the moment, but the game should also reach the platform later. What are your expectations for the sequel? Comment on social media Voxel!


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