Later this week, Ubisoft announced that The Crew Motorfest will have a new free trial period starting this Tuesday (10). This campaign is accompanied by discounts of up to 20% for the game on all platforms, just one month after launch.

The Crew Motorfest trial is available in a 10-day window, between October 10th and 20th for all available platforms. This version allows any user to have access to the full game with 5h de gameplay. All progress made in the Trial carries over to the final game.

The Crew Motorfest is the third game in this Ubisoft franchise, bringing some interesting innovations and focusing even more on the Arcade aspect of the racing game. If anyone hasn’t paid much attention to the game’s launch thanks to several other great titles arriving in recent weeks, this is the chance to try it out.

Promotions on different platforms have different start dates and will also have different discounts, so it’s good to be aware of that. On some platforms, only the Standard edition of the game will be on sale. Check out the details:

  • Ubisoft Store (PC): Discount from October 10th to 24th (-20% on Standard Edition, -15% on Gold and Ultimate Editions).
  • Epic Games Store (PC): Discount from October 14th to 21st (-20% on Standard Edition).
  • Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One: Discount from October 13th to 16th on Xbox One (-20% on Standard Edition).
  • PS4 and PS5: Discount from October 11th to 18th (-20% on Standard Edition, -15% on Gold and Ultimate Editions).

The Crew Motorfest/DisclosureFonte:  Epic Games

The main difference between the versions of the game is that the Gold edition has the Year 1 Pass. This pass allows the player to unlock a total of 25 cars over the first 12 months after the release of The Crew Motorfest

The Ultimate edition includes not only the Year 1 Pass but also the Fitted Ultime package, which has two cars and other benefits and customization options.


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