Shortly after the video game rental craze, we had the chance to discover a new type of establishment where the maximum was to pay by the hour to enjoy several successful games: Internet cafes.

It is true that Internet cafes did not have as long a life as rental stores. But it was thanks to them that Many people had the chance to discover several games that attracted the attention of players of different agesas Ragnarök Online, GunBound and the famous Counter-Strike.

Therefore, if you lived through that era, we invite you to embark on a new trip down memory lane in the following lines to remember the successful games of the Internet cafe era. Check out some of them below.

1. Counter-Strike

This was the law to have in any LAN house, whether it was a neighborhood café or a famous chain, like Monkey or another of the same reputation.

Anyone who caught the beginning of the craze for these establishments must have played version 1.3 of the first-person shooter made by Valve, which pitted teams of terrorists and counter-terrorists against each other. However, the one that still populates the memory of many people is Counter-Strike 1.6for sure!

Whether on popular maps (such as Aztec, Inferno and Dust 2) or those created by the community (such as Rio de Janeiro or Vila do Chaves), Counter-Strike was responsible for the emergence of several friendships and also for popularizing among players the concept of clans, something we still use today in our favorite games.

2. Ragnarök Online

It’s true that at the beginning of the 2000s, many people already knew what an RPG was, but the concept of online gaming only became clear to many with the arrival of Ragnarök Online to Brazil. This, of course, made it quickly join the list of successful games in Internet cafes.

The game that helped make Level Up! Games famous in Brazil had several attributes to attract the attention of first-time adventurers, such as an understandable evolution system, varied classes that have popular roles such as Mage, Archer and Swordsman and even the famous PvP modality.

Indeed, many still remember with fondness the famous War of the Emperium (or WoE for those who are more intimate). Moments that certainly tested the capabilities of the company’s servers by bringing together hundreds of players in a single castle, whether attacking or defending the property.

3. GunBound

GunBound is one of those classic cases of successful games that were free for all ages, so you could find anyone from children to adults having fun in the clashes of this game that was very reminiscent of what we had the chance to see in Worms.

The proposal here was very simple: you had to choose a vehicle that was equipped with two different types of shots (1 and 2) and a special one. It was with their help that everyone went to the battlefield with a simple mission: destroy opponent vehicles, whether it was hitting the opponent’s life to zero or knocking him into a hole.

However, not everything was that simple: with each round the direction of the wind changed, which directly influenced the force and angle needed to hit the opponent. Furthermore, from time to time a hurricane would appear to complicate things even further, requiring more skill for a perfect shot.

4. Mu Online

Mu Online It was another online RPG that was quite successful in the internet cafe era, and had a very different style compared to what we had the chance to see in Ragnarök Online.

The game gave the chance to choose a character from among the eight available classes, in addition to bringing different monsters to face in search of power and also items to make your avatar stronger. It ended up becoming popular for presenting a style of action similar to that seen in the franchise Diablowith a three-dimensional world full of details to explore.

5. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Although it also has versions for consoles, Internet cafes were responsible for transforming GTA San Andreas in one of the successful games of the franchise on computers.

With CJ as the protagonist, this game gives the chance to explore the city of San Andreas to carry out different missions, in addition to customizing the protagonist in parameters such as breath if he swims, thinner or fatter if he chooses to walk a lot or drive too much and other elements that turned this title into a classic.

6. Tibia

O Tibia It may even be considered a simple game, but it still had a lot of power to attract the attention of many players.

Launched in 1997, Tibia became one of the successful games in internet cafes due to its style that closely resembled several old games, as well as featuring several dungeons, different creatures to face and the option to challenge other players in PvP to test your character’s strength.

7. Need for Speed Underground 2

Fans of racing games were also well represented at the time of Internet cafes, as it was not difficult to find some monitors that were running. Need for Speed Underground 2.

Among the main elements that place this Electronic Arts title as one of the successful games in Internet cafes is the fact that it had a customization system that was very reminiscent of that seen in the franchise’s films Fast and furious, several cars to select, an exciting soundtrack and many tests to challenge your acquaintances or show the computer who was the king of the asphalt.

And you, did you have fun with these successful LAN games? What were your favorites? Share your message with other readers of the Voxel using our social networks.


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