Paradox Interactive announced last Monday (17) that it has canceled the development of Life By Youa life simulation game that was being advertised as a competitor to The Sims. The confirmation was made by Mattias Lilja, deputy CEO of the Swedish studio, in a post on the game’s official forums.

Life By You was scheduled to have an early access period, but the studio decided to delay the release in May of this year. Lilja explains that the studio took a “bigger picture” of the project after realizing that the game was still a long way from reaching a level of quality that the company would be satisfied with.

Life By You has been cancelled by Paradox Interactive.Fonte:  Paradox Interactive

“A few weeks ago, we decided to delay the Early Access launch to reevaluate the conditions of Life by Youas we still felt like we were missing something in important areas,” Lilja wrote on the forum. “While extending the time was an option, once we took that break to get a broader look at the game, it became clear to us that the road to a release we felt confident about was very long and uncertain.”

Life By You would be Paradox Tectonic’s debut game

Life By You would be the debut title from Paradox Tectonic, a studio founded in 2019 and led by Rod Humble, former head of the franchise The Sims of EA and former CEO of Linden Lab, owner of Second Life.

The game was originally scheduled to launch in early access in September of last year — but was eventually delayed to March 2024 and then pushed back again to June. In late April, Paradox Interactive said that Life By You was “ready for early access”, but three weeks later ended up delaying the game indefinitely.

“That’s not to say the game didn’t show promising qualities. Life by You had several strengths and the hard work of a dedicated team that strived to realize them,” Lilja continued in the statement.

Apparently, Life By You wasn't what Paradox Interactive expected.Apparently, Life By You wasn’t what Paradox Interactive expected.Fonte:  Paradox Interactive

“However, when we reach a point where we believe that any further delay will not get us close enough to a version we are happy with, then we believe it is best to stop. This is obviously difficult and disappointing for everyone who has invested their time and enthusiasm into this project, especially when our decision comes so late in the process,” the executive concluded.

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