The 2000s were marked by internet cafes and video game rental stores, but those who had a PC without a video card at home also had the opportunity to have fun at Habbo Hotel — a social simulator with pixel art that was all the rage among the kids of that generation.

The good news here, however, is that the classic is back through the Habbo Hotel: Origins — which is now available for free to play on PC. The person responsible for the resurrection of the project was Macklebee, developer of the original game who restored an old version of the game, released back in 2005.

“After discovering an old, decrepit server with some missing files earlier this year, over the past six months or so, developer and longtime player of HabboMacklebee, has lovingly restored an old version of the game first released in 2005,” the statement on the official website said.

Habbo Hotel was all the rage in the 2000s

If you don’t remember, the Habbo Hotel The original featured multiple rooms where players could hang out with each other and socialize, as well as customizable guest rooms and minigames hosted by the users themselves.

Habbo Hotel was a hit among gamers in the 2000s.Source: Habbo Hotel: Origins

However, the original experience was lost over time. In the most recent relaunch of the game, which occurred at the height of the pandemic in 2020, the developers decided to bet on controversial changes, going into the controversial side of NFTs.

Habbo Hotel: Origins will be “community-led”

Now the classic is back as Habbo Hotel: Origins and it seems the developers are well aware of the collective nostalgia. The re-release will bring all the “simplicity, charm and magic of that initial version of Habbo” — things that developer Sulake, who is responsible for the property, wants to “keep and protect.”

Habbo Hotel: Origins is now available for free to play.Habbo Hotel: Origins is now available for free to play.Source: Habbo Hotel: Origins

Furthermore, Habbo Hotel: Origins will have a new community-led approach, with community members able to weigh in on everything via the in-game forums. “InfoBus Park [fórum] is being transformed into a kind of democratic forum where we will ask important questions about the development and direction of the Habbo“.

How to play Habbo Hotel: Origins?

To play Habbo Hotel: Origins It’s very simple. In fact, the process is basically the same as it was in the classic version. You can launch the game client from the website itself. clicking here. Registration will require an email and password — and to log in you will need to enter a code that will be sent to your email.

Remembering that the new Habbo Hotel will have support in English, Spanish and Portuguese. In addition, it is a game for those over 18, so it has less strict automatic moderation than the old version.

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