The history of The Day Before was not very happy. After debuting with negative reviews on Steam, producer Fntastic closed its doors four days later and canceled any project related to the game. However, this happened after some keys were released, and they are currently sold for very high prices.

According to the My citysome game resale sites are selling these keys for values ​​that can reach R$1,100 on the Green Man Gaming platform. In more exorbitant cases, this value can exceed R$2,200.

After cancellation, The Day Before cost a small fortune on the Green Man Gaming website.Source: Green Man Gaming/Reproduction

All keys offered are for accessing the game on Steam, and sold on third-party websites that carry out this sale. That way, Those who wish to purchase the game must proceed at their own riskespecially if we remember that The Day Before it will never be updated and in some cases such sales can result in scams.

Despite being the target of criticism upon its release, the fact that it has already achieved the status of a rare game increases its price even further. Furthermore, there is no forecast of more keys being made availablewhich helps to inflate (a lot) the value of existing ones.

Unfulfilled promises

The main reason for the failure of The Day Before It starts with not having fulfilled what you promised. When it was announced in 2021, the game’s proposal was to deliver a survival experience in an MMO with an open world and full of zombies, but it was well below what was expected.

Part of this blame falls on the marketing campaign, which included a partnership with NVIDIA. The trailer you can see below, for example, shows the game running with the help of ray tracing present on GeForce RTX line cards, further enriching its appearance.

However, those who faced the first days in this “vast” world realized that it was extremely empty. Furthermore, many areas on the map were not explorable, not to mention server problems and other bugs that greatly disrupted the gameplay.

The game also ended up being involved in controversy due to a copyright dispute. This case involved the owner of a calendar application and the fact that the name of the game was already registered — and this happened basically because Fntastic announced the project without paying attention to this initial detail.


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