League of Legends is over 10 years old and already has thousands of skins, after all it has more than 160 champions. However, amidst so many launches, we also have some skins canceled in LoLand that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Some skins were canceled for not meeting Riot’s final requirements, while others had their concepts disapproved by the community in votes. Next, let’s get to know a little more about them.

Skins canceled in LoL that were “released”

Amumu e Blitzcrank Sewn Chaos

(Image: Reproduction/LoL)

These two sewing-themed skins were canceled by Riot about to arrive on the official server. The incident happened in 2017, and after they were shown to the public, several complaints were made about the final quality.

Shortly afterwards, Riot issued a statement that it would be canceling the release of the two skins in League following great feedback from the community.

SKT T1 Sivir

Image of Sivir's SKt T1 skin in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

All players who win Worlds can choose the famous Worlds skins, and in 2015 ADC Bang, from SKT T1, chose Sivir. However, the end result ended up not pleasing him, and so he changed his choice to Kalista.

The Sivir SKT T1 skin even arrived on the PBE, but was never released by Riot.

Rejected skin concepts in League

Vayne?? e Vayne Vampira

A former Riot developer has revealed two Vayne skin concepts that were never worked on. The first of them, without a defined name, was rejected for altering the champion’s appearance too much.

The second concept, Vayne Rogue, was up to Riot’s standards, but for some reason it was never worked on and never made it out of the basic art.

Image of Vayne skins that were rejected
(Image: Disclosure)

Futuristic Caitlyn

In a behind-the-scenes video from Riot, the concept of a skin that fans began to call “Futuristic Caitlyn” quickly leaked.

Image of CAitlyn's skin that was canceled in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)
Image of CAitlyn's skin that was canceled in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

However, this skin was never released, but it may have served as the basis for the later release of Caitlyn Pulsefire, which also features a futuristic theme.

Canceled skins in LoL that were found in the game files

Ezreal Rick Astley?

Many years ago, players found a possible Ezreal Rick Astley skin in the LoL archives. We don’t know why, if this really is the inspiration (it seems like a lot), but the files were found and nothing similar was released.

Some fans speculate that Riot could have copyright problems and perhaps that’s why they decided to cancel this skin. It’s worth remembering that Rick Astley is the famous singer of the song “Never Gonna Give You Up”, used in several memes on the internet:

Queen Sejuani

Queen Sejuani was found in Riot’s archives, but was never released.

Canceled Sejuanni skin in LoLO
(Image: Reproduction/LoL)

However, some time later, the champion received a visual redesign and her final appearance was very similar to the files found on Queen, which leads us to believe that Riot took advantage of the concept to remodel the hunter.

Skins that lost votes in League and were never released

Cho’Gath Elderberry and War Dragon

Image of the skins Cho'Gath Elderberry and Cho'Gath Dragon of Geurra
(Image: Disclosure/riot)

In 2018, Riot carried out an action with the Make a Wish foundation and fulfilled the wish of player Bryan, who was suffering from cancer at the time. Not only did he visit Riot’s studios, he was also able to choose a skin for Cho’Gath, the profits from which would go towards donations.

The player had three theme options given by the company: Elderberry, Dragon of War and Black Star, the latter which ended up being chosen.

However, as the image above shows, Riot revealed the concept of what the two skins would look like.

Tristana Sugar Frenzy and Exogalactic Gunner

Image of Tristana skins canceled in League
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

In a few years, Riot decided to give more power to the community, which could vote on specific themes for some champions to receive skins. This was the case with Tristana, who had three options: Satristanic, Sugar Frenzy and Exogalactic Gunner.

Satristânica ended up being chosen, but Riot even revealed what the concepts of the other two options were like.

Illaoi Resistance and Adventurous

Images of canceled Illaoi skins in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

Similar to Tristana, Illaoi also had skin concepts never released by Riot due to popular voting. Here the themes were at stake: Resistance, War Machine and Adventurer, but fans liked Resistance more.

However, just like in the case of Tristana, Riot revealed the War Machine and Adventurer concepts.

Models found in LoL archive data, but no concepts revealed

Several miners try to find LoL news directly in the game’s source code, and in this search, they have already found dozens of mentions of skins that were never released. See the list:

  • Kalista Black Star
  • Karma Bladestorm e Jade Empress
  • Katarina Crimson Elite
  • Miss Fortune Special Forces
  • Mordekaiser Dark Crusader
  • Sona Disco

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