Nintendo released, this Thursday (31), during a Nintendo Direct broadcast, a new video showing new mechanics and the plot of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Among the highlights, it will be possible to choose several characters to play with.

In addition to the mustachioed protagonist, players will be able to choose Luigi, Daisy, Peach, two Toads and Toadette, Yoshi (green, red, yellow and blue) and Nabbit. Despite the options, with the exception of Yoshi and Nabbit, the rest will have the same gameplay.

The dinosaur and the rabbit do not suffer damage to the screens and are therefore recommended for people who want a simpler game experience. That is, choosing the duo is like an easy mode of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Mario’s new 2D adventure will again have power ups, which guarantee abilities such as transforming into an elephant, which can use its trunk to attack; the bubble form, which can turn enemies into bubbles; the drill, which allows you to move underground and the classic fire flower.

A novelty will be the phenomenal flowers, or wonder Flowers. In addition to talking to players, they will have the ability to transform gameplay when caught.

When the player captures a phenomenal flower, the screen can switch from horizontal 2D perspective to top view. The ground will be able to tilt, herds of enemies will be able to appear, the game will be able to transfer to the space and much more.

The game will have local multiplayer with up to four people. When a player dies, he will move around the scene like a ghost, similar to Among Us. It will also be possible to play online with people from other parts of the world and interact during the phases.

In the plot of Super Mario Bros Wonder there will be the traditional clash between Mario and Bowser. The king of koopas joined a phenomenal flower and became the castle of Prince Florian, another protagonist of the game. Because of this, Mario and his friends will have to undo the chaos of the Mushroom Kingdom.


During the Nintendo Direct, the company took the opportunity to reveal a new model of Nintendo Switch OLED special Mario version. The red color video game will be released on on October 6, 2023.

Meanwhile, Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be released on October 20th of this year exclusively for Switch. The game is already available for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop for BRL 300 in the digital version.

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Brazilian fans have a special reason to look forward to the game’s release, as it will have Brazilian Portuguese dubbing. Before revealing the information, Big N had already confirmed that the title would have subtitles in PT-BR.

Another important detail is that the title will be sold in physical media here and will even have a booklet with texts in our language.

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