Just like us, you are also looking forward to the arcane season 2? The LoL series debuted in late 2021 and was a complete success.

After 1 year and a few months, information about the 2nd season of Arcane is already circulating through social networks through small information that the developers comment on events of the Riot Games.

When is Arcane season 2 coming out?

Riot revealed that the 2nd season of Arcane is scheduled for release between October and December 2024. The reveal was made on Tencent Video V Vision.

Arcane Season 2 already has three episodes ready. The first season took about six years to complete, but the Riot CEO has reassured fans that the sequel won’t take that long.

(Image: Disclosure / Riot Games)_

When did Arcane season 2 start making?

According to the announcement teaser for the renewal of “Arcane”, the second season of the animation began production in November 2021. Nicolo also commented that the series would not return in 2022. We are still waiting for more news for the year 2023!

What will Arcane season 2 be like?

So far, Riot hasn’t given any solid details on what Arcane’s second season will look like.

Amidst several “stinging” statements from directors and writers, as well as some fan theories, we’ve gathered below some important information that could shape the sequel to the LoL series.

Younger Silco and Vander?

During an interview on Reddit, a user asked about whether it would be possible to see Silco and Vander younger before the betrayal and if there would be a flashback of Silco being a father to Powder when he took her as a child.

The response from Alex, co-creator of Arcane, was straightforward. The developer commented that we will definitely see this in the next season of Arcane. In addition, he complemented by saying that it will be an episode that will make people cry.

Silco, character from Arcane, LoL series

The Words That Define Arcane Season 2

Asked how they would define the next season of the LoL series, the co-creators of the animation did not give much information, but they commented on the words that should mark the new stage of Arcane.

Linke chose “guerra” to define the second season of the series and also commented that maybe there will be sex scenes in the 2nd season. Yee, when asked the same, opted for the word “Rubicon”, while also confirming that the episodes will have a lot of magic.

The co-creator even said that it’s quite possible that fans will see Mel Medarda once again next season.

Mel Medarda of Arcane
Mel Medarda of Arcane (Play/Netflix)

Which LoL champions are already confirmed for Arcane Season 2?

In the announcement video for the second season of Arcane, it is possible to hear the voice of the characters Vi, Caitlyn and Jinx, who were not in the Piltover chamber at the end of the first season, so it is known that the three will be in the second season.

Additionally, Heimerdinger and Ekko are also expected to appear in Arcane Season 2 as they did not participate in the raid. Fans are hoping that Jayce remains alive to continue the story, as well as Viktor.

Doctor Singed is also expected to be in Season 2, as he appears in Arcane Season 1.

Image of the character Jixn, who should be in arcane season 2

New Champions That Might Star in Arcane 2

Fans also theorize that Warwick could appear, as a small frame of him is shown in Singed’s lab. Conspiracy theories even claim that Wander could be Warwick.

Also, champion Zeri is known to be very close to Ekko in LoL history, so some fans theorize that she could be part of Firefire’s team. Once again, none of this has been confirmed by Riot, it’s all fan theory!

How many seasons will we have of Arcane?

According to Nicolo Laurent, the CEO of Riot Games, Riot has signed with studio Fortiche for “multiple seasons”. Obviously having two seasons already fits that term, but we find it difficult that the CEO would have used that expression to refer to just two seasons.

Arcane’s first season success

The series features several LoL champions, including Vi, Jinx, Jayce, Viktor, among others.

The animation premiered in early November, reached the status of Netflix’s best series on IMDb and reached first place in audience in 36 countries during its debut, surpassing Round 6. In China alone, there were more than 130 million views at the premiere of first act.

jinx arcane

Before Act 3, the animation already accumulated 34 million hours watched in its English version alone. In all, nine episodes were released, and Riot has already confirmed that it is producing the second season of Arcane, but it will not be released in 2022.

The animation won all nine categories it was nominated for at the Annie Awards, the “Oscars” of animation. In July 2022, it was also nominated for two categories at the 2022 Emmy Awards, and won in the Best Animation category.

In December 2022, Arcane won Best Adaptation at The Game Awards.

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