Get the children out of the room! Stellar Bladea new PS5-exclusive action game that has been attracting attention online, was recently rated for over 18s. The restriction for minors will apparently be due to “extreme violence” and “nudity”.

According to GRAC (Game Rating and Administration Committee), an age rating body in South Korea, the game developed by Shift Up will have “explicit expression of body exposure”. Of course, players can also expect extreme violence with limbs being severed and graphically appealing levels of gore.

Stellar Blade is rated 18+ in South Korea.Source: PS Store

The fact of Stellar Blade being for over 18s may not shock fans, since many of the topics discussed about the game are about the high sexualization of the main character — which the director himself revealed that he paid special attention to. There is also the fact that the game is visually very beautiful and faithful to the details, which can result in very intense scenes of gore and dismemberment.

Well, the title will be for adults in South Korean territory, but there is some speculation on the networks saying that Stellar Blade may be rated M (for over 17 years old) by the ESRB (Electronic Standards Rating Board), the US age rating body. It’s worth remembering that these are just rumors at the moment..

Meet Stellar Blade

Em Stellar Blade players must save the planet from imminent extinction. Earth was devastated by powerful and threatening creatures — soon after being abandoned by humanity itself, which was forced to migrate to a colony in space.

You will control Eve, a parachutist who left the space colony and returned to Earth with the intention of saving the planet — or at least what was left of it. As the protagonist defeats one by one of the plot’s enemies, she also pieces together the mysteries of the past, while exploring the ruins of human civilization and realizing that her mission will not be easy.

Stellar Blade will be released on April 26th this year, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Pre-orders for Stellar Blade are now available on the PS Store

Are you interested in the game? So know that pre-order is now available in two versions on the PlayStation Store and guarantees three extra outfits for Eve. Check out the prices and what comes with each version below:

  • Stellar Blade (Standard Edition) — R$ 349,90
  • Stellar Blade (Digital Deluxe Edition) — R$ 399,50
    • Full game;
    • Stargazing Outfit for Eve;
    • Half Cup Glasses for Eve;
    • Rectangle Earrings. Quadruples for Eve;
    • Star Observation Outfit for Adam and Lily;
    • Star Observation Pack for the Drone;
    • 2,000 em PH EXP;
    • 5,000 Gold in game currency.

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