Steam, without a doubt, stands out as one of the main platforms for enjoying PC games, both paid and free. Valve has made new titles available free to play this week — and, as always, the Voxel separated the best options for those looking for entertainment without having to spend a lot.

And the current catalog has a good variety. There are several options available on this occasion, such as exploration, adventure games and much more — it’s worth checking out. Without further ado, Check out six free games to redeem on Steam below!

Space Pressure 3D: Prelude

Betting heavily on style shoot ’em up, Space Pressure 3D: Prelude brings a large arsenal of all types of weapons and bonuses you can imagine. Immerse yourself in the story of two courageous space Amazons who dare to challenge the aristocratic system of our constellation.

Here, you must overcome all the obstacles that appear in your path, including hordes of space scavengers, the General Admiral’s soldiers and, of course, the main villain: Evil Moneybag.

To redeem for free, simply access the page of Space Pressure 3D: Prelude that Steam and click “Play”.


Franzen is a turn-based RPG set in a world steampunk dystopian. In it, players explore themes of empathy and politics, as heroes Franz and Lefsa Dellia work to uncover the truth about “The Scream.”

Despite being turn-based, combat has an “exclusive” leveling system that makes things easier. Not to mention the “quick, short and sweet story” and the vibrant Branzen universe, which is filled with enemies and challenges.

To redeem for free, simply access to Franzen’s page on Steam and click “Play”.

The Hardest Game Ever

Filled with complex challenges, The Hardest Game Ever is also one of free games to redeem on Steam — no, we’re not saying it’s very difficult, it’s literally what the game is called. And indeed, it looks quite challenging.

The title is a 2D single-player experience and tells the story of Pot, who ventured underground to find an exotic flower — but is now lost and needs to find his way home.

To redeem for free, simply access the page of The Hardest Game Ever that Steam and click “Play”.

Monotonia: First Contact

No prologue Monotonia: First Contact, you will learn about the events that precede the main game’s campaign. Experience the first cycles of work, pay your debts and survive a dark and oppressive system.

The gameplay is simple: with just one button you can avoid resistance, generate as much energy as possible and be paid according to your performance. This is for those who work hard, huh?

To redeem for free, simply access the page of Monotonia: First Contact that Steam and click “Play”.

Glitchers: Hack ’em Up

Em Glitchers: Hack ’em Up, Trix needs to detonate the enemies and bosses of each stage until facing the Penultimate Boss — which is actually the last. The protagonist is accompanied by Ada, her former avatar, and manages to connect with her to deliver combined blows.

In addition to the cool art style, the gameplay is also really fun. Trix can change parameters using hack gems that make it possible to transform enemies into allies or change behaviors in the game’s mechanics.

To redeem for free, simply access the page of Glitchers: Hack ’em Up that Steam and click “Play”.

We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip

Do you think you and your loved one can overcome any challenge if you work as a team? Self-proclaimed “new and compact independent experience”, We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip will put your friendship to the test — so get ready to face several enigmatic challenges.

You and your friend will be on the high seas and receive a distress call that will take you to a desert island, where you come across an abandoned amusement park. In the best style It Takes Twothis journey will also require you to solve puzzles as a pair.

To redeem for free, simply access the page of We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip that Steam and click “Play”.

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