The film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse opens up the entire Spider-Man multiverse, including a brief cameo from Insomniac’s Peter Parker. But does the new game in the franchise, Spider-Man 2, make any reference to the franchise?

The answer is yes! Spider-Man 2 presents an important excerpt that links the game to the film franchise. Below, understand how this happens — attention: the text contains spoilers.

Understand the connection of Spider-Man 2 with Aranhaverso

The bond of Spider-Man 2 with Aranhaverso it happens through Spider-Bots, those small floating robots spread across New York. Each of them references a different character from the Spider-Man universe, including characters that are not part of the Insomniac universe.

By collecting them all, Peter or Miles need to get to the source of the signal emitted by the little robots. There, they are surprised by an interdimensional portal and communicate with a bartender identified as Delilah.

Anyone familiar with Spider-Man stories knows that Delilah is the name of a highly trained assassin employed by Rose, alter-ego of Jake Conover, a former Daily Bugle reporter who surrendered to crime.

Delilah is the bartender who collects the Spider-Bots.Source: Igor Almenara/TecMundo

The bar where she works is probably “The Bar With No Name”, a place where villains from all of Spider-Man’s universes get together to relax, discuss plans and alliances without risk of being interrupted by the superhero.

She doesn’t say much, but collects all the Spider-Bots stored in Spider-Man and leaves a message for Miguel. Although she doesn’t mention surnames, she probably refers to Miguel O’hara, Spider-Man 2099 from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

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