Alongside the Arkham trilogy, Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games is easily one of the best superhero games ever released in video games. Available on PS4 and PS5, the adventure of Amigão da Vizinhança arrived in 2018 with an unprecedented plot, and since then it has increasingly expanded the hero’s fan base around the world.

In fact, the game was so successful that Marvel Comics decided to expand this universe into comics. The collaboration, titled “Gamerverse” in the comics, bore great fruit, resulting in a narrative extension of the Spider-Man universe and immersing fans even deeper into the dramas and adventures of Peter Parker — as well as Mary Jane Watson, Miles Morales and Aunt May.

The Gamerverse comics explore some events that occur before, during and after the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac. In total, four canonical volumes were released — which are even available in Brazil through Panini: Hostile Takeover, City at War, Speed e Black Cat Attacks. Each of them has an average of 100 to 150 pages and costs around R$19.90.

Gamerverse comic book covers.Source: Panini

Thinking about doing a warm up for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and don’t want to miss any details of this rich universe? So check out five cool facts from Gamerverse below to keep you up to date with the plot and ready for the sequel. which arrived on PS5 on October 20th.

1. Hostile Takeover Plot Is As Dark As The Game

Who zeroed Marvel’s Spider-Man You know that the plot is full of twists and turns — not to mention the merciless villains present in the cast and, of course, the shocking death at the game’s conclusion. If you enjoy a darker story in Amigão da Vizinhança, just like the game, you might like the plot of Hostile Takeover.

Hostile Takeover Cover.Hostile Takeover Cover.Source: Marvel

The prequel comic also portrays a Peter Parker surrounded by dilemmas, cruel enemies and many losses. Some casualties in this story include a lab colleague and several innocent civilians at the hands of the Blood Spider, who was originally trained by Taskmaster — but not in the events of Hostile Takeover. The hero drama in the Gameverse is not for the faint-hearted fans.

2. Origins of Blood Spider and Taskmaster

Blood Spider is not new to the franchise, but he does not appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man. In the original story, the villain is trained by Taskmaster, the same mercenary who fills the hero with secondary missions in the game.

Blood Spider from the old Spider-Man comics.Blood Spider from the old Spider-Man comics.Source: Marvel

Em Hostile Takeover, things are a little different. In the novel, Blood Spider, also known as Michael Bingham, is mentally unstable and lived on the streets, so he was taken by Oscorp to serve as an experiment — just like Martin Li. Ultimately, it is revealed that Norman Osborn medicated the villain so that he believed he was the real Spider-Man.

On the other hand, the game’s Taskmaster plot is a little different. There, he is hired by a secret organization to monitor and possibly recruit Spider-Man for something that has not been revealed.

3. Role reversal in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Who was influenced by the films Spider man by Sam Raimi knows very well that the person who played the role of “investigative reporter” and photographer for the Daily Bugle was Peter Parker. In the Gamerverse comics, the roles were reversed with Mary Jane.

Mary Jane plays a fundamental role in the plot of Marvel's Spider-Man.Mary Jane plays a fundamental role in the plot of Marvel’s Spider-Man.Source: PS Store

This was also quite clear in Marvel’s Spider-Man: MJ plays an extremely important role in investigating the behind-the-scenes of New York, while Spidey fights crime in the city. It’s a pair with a lot of synergy, despite their romantic relationship being full of ups and downs.

4. Physics and costume genius

Another great Gamerverse approach to Peter Parker is the fact that he is portrayed as a true science genius — not that he didn’t have these skills in other stories, but in Marvel’s Spider-Man it is much more explored. Who here hasn’t spent hours in Dr. Octavius’ laboratory solving those super boring puzzles and identifying toxins, right?

Peter is a scientific genius in Marvel's Spider-Man.Peter is a scientific genius in Marvel’s Spider-Man.Source: PS Store

Here, Peter goes even further to create mind-blowing technologies and acts as a kind of “Tony Stark” of this universe. Another fact that proves this is his ability to create outfits for different situations.

At HQ Speed he developed an armored uniform to withstand the fight against the villain Enxame’s bees — another character who also appears in the Gamerverse comics and was left aside in the game’s plot. This explains the wardrobe full of cosmetics in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

5. The hero’s relationship with Yuri Watanabe

In addition to Mary Jane, Spidey also has another powerful ally to fight crime on the streets of New York: Yuri Watanabe — police captain known as Wraith. It’s not explained in the game how this relationship develops, but you know you need her as much as she needs you.

Yuri Watanabe also has a very important role in Marvel's Spider-Man, especially in the DLC for the villain Hammerhead.Yuri Watanabe also has a very important role in Marvel’s Spider-Man, especially in the DLC for the villain Hammerhead.Source: PS Store

In the events of Hostile Takeover, the Friendly Neighbor is accused of a murder he didn’t commit, so it’s up to Yuri to trust his judgment and realize the benefits of having a hero as a partner to take down Wilson Fisk’s empire in the city. The outcome of this story even makes her the captain we met at the beginning of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

6. BlackCat and Peter Parker’s relationship

Another interesting point explored in Marvel’s Spider-Man comics is Peter Parker’s relationship with Blackcat. The ‘villain’ and the web head have a relationship of ups and downs, but it is consistent and lasts a long time.

BlackcatBlackcat gains prominence in the game’s comics

While the games tend to focus a lot on Peter’s relationship with Mary Jane, the comic book Black Cat Attacks shows that Peter’s heart also had another owner during his years as a vigilante. With Black Cat returning in Spider-Man 2 and Parker practically married to MJ, we will certainly have some reference to the relationship.

What will happen in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Well, there’s not much left until the big premiere of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. But what will happen next? Which villains will appear? Which characters will be in the plot?

To celebrate the Free Comic Book Day In May of this year, Marvel released a short prequel story to get fans up to speed on what comes next. The comic explores Peter and Miles’ relationship a little, as they face a new villain called The Hood. If you want to read it for free (in English), Click here!

Peter and Miles in HQ prequel to Marvel's Spider-ManPeter and Miles in HQ prequel to Marvel’s Spider-ManSource: PS Blog

Other than that, it’s worth remembering that several villains are already more than confirmed in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Some of them include the Lizard, the hunter Kraven and Venom, who may be a guy well known to fans. No spoilers here so as not to spoil the surprise — but if you finished the first game, you know what I’m talking about. Will we also have the iconic Green Goblin? Well, I hope so!

Did you enjoy the curiosities of Gamerverse Spider man? Looking forward to new adventures in New York with Miles and Peter? Comment on social media Voxel!

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