Another week dominated by major releases for consoles and PC. The highlight is the arrival of Sea of Thieves for the PS5, after spending a good amount of time as an Xbox exclusive title.

In addition to him, we have the arrival of Sherwood Extreme, a game that features a Robin Hood full of parkour skills as its protagonist. Already Tales from Candleforth promises to revive the classic point and click from the 90s, bringing an engaging horror story.

The week will also be marked by the arrival of the controversial Indicate, a game that features as its protagonist a nun helped by none other than the devil himself. And finally, Endless Ocean: Luminous marks the return of Nintendo’s famous underwater exploration series. Check out the complete list and respective prices.

Sherwood Extreme – April 29

Sherwood Extreme is a game that promises to mix different styles, and in the most unusual way possible. In it, you control none other than Robin Hood, but in a version whose main skills are archery and parkour. Therefore, you need to perform the most radical maneuvers, at the same time that you have a slow-motion view to attack your enemies.

Sherwood Extreme brings a Robin Hood full of parkour skillsSource: Steam

The game will feature graphics that mix polygonal 3D elements, with a very varied set of colors, bringing one of the most colorful environments ever seen in a game featuring the famous character. It is now available for pre-sale for R$49.99.

Sea of Thieves – April 30th

After many controversies, finally one of the most popular Xbox games will no longer be exclusive, and will be released this week for the competing platform. Sea of Thieves will expand the maritime horizons of the adventure, allowing players to participate in cross-platform matches on the same server.

Sea of ​​Thieves is finally coming to PS5 this weekSea of ​​Thieves is finally coming to PS5 this weekFonte:  PSN

For those who don’t know, the game is a piracy simulator, which invests in a lighter and more fun feel than other games of the genre, such as the recent Skull and Bones. In it, you need to explore islands in search of treasure, as well as battle on the high seas against other pirates and sea creatures. The game is now available for pre-order for R$214.90.

Tales from Candleforth – April 30th

  • Plataformas: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch e PC

Tales from Candleforth promises a lot of nostalgia, especially for those who followed the Golden Age of PC games in the 90s. At the time, point and click games were predominant in all genres, and the new title seeks to capture these elements that were successful in the past, along with a very dark plot.

Tales from Candleforth promises a lot of nostalgia and horrorTales from Candleforth promises a lot of nostalgia and horrorSource: Steam

It tells a story about a supposed fairy tale that ended up written in a forbidden book. Now, in control of young Sarah, it is necessary to rearrange the texts before the cursed tale takes over children’s stories. The game does not yet have a set price, but it already has a demo version that can be downloaded for free.

Indicate – may 2nd

  • Plataformas: PS5, Xbox Series S/X e PC

Indicate promises to be one of the most controversial games of 2024. The reason is its plot, which features a nun as the protagonist, who runs away from her convent in search of answers to her doubts about the religion she follows. If all that wasn’t enough, she will have the help of none other than the devil himself throughout the journey.

Indika brings nun and devil on a unique journey in search of answersIndika brings nun and devil on a unique journey in search of answersSource: Steam

The third-person game features a dark setting, which mixes elements of exploration with puzzle solving. Additionally, it features intense combat with animals and other creatures. The game does not yet have a set price.

Endless Ocean: Luminous – may 2nd

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

One of Nintendo’s franchises, which came into the world in the Wii era, will get another game this week. Endless Ocean: Luminous Once again places players as ocean explorers, with the aim of discovering more about the aquatic species that live there.

Endless Ocean Luminous marks the return of Nintendo's famous franchiseEndless Ocean Luminous marks the return of Nintendo’s famous franchiseSource: Nintendo

For the first time, it will be possible to play the game multiplayer, where up to 30 players will be able to participate in the same game. In addition to cataloging all 578 different creatures, it will also be possible to take selfies with each of them. The game is already on pre-sale for R$249.00.

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