The new PS5 exclusive already got people talking when it was revealed by Shift Up in 2019, but it seems that the debates about the censorship of Stellar Blade continue to rage on social media. Apparently, the protagonist with advantageous attributes had a few extra inches of clothing in the final version of the game — which was reason enough for some buyers to be dissatisfied.

The Korean RPG was officially released last Friday (26) for PS5 and received good praise from both critics and the public. Even if you want to read the impressions of the Voxel, Click here!

Was Stellar Blade censored after release?

After a promise from Shift Up that the game would not be censored even in Japan, now that it has finally hit stores, some players are complaining that Eve may not be nude enough. They accuse the studio of having censored some aspects of the game with the arrival of the day one update — especially with regard to the protagonist’s costumes.

Original designs are now only visible if you have a physical version of Stellar Blade and install it on your PS5 without downloading the update, which also comes with the new game+. These cuts were not part of the version sent for analysis by specialized media — and the reason for the changes is still a mystery.

The main complaints are about a specific Eve costume in Stellar Blade, which shows the protagonist in a swimsuit. In the old version, it had a neckline, while in the current version the space was filled by a piece of clothing. Check out:

Shift Up is being accused of censorship for changes to Eve’s outfit in Stellar Blade.Source: Hamsterpilled_ (X)

There is even a petition asking Shift Up to “release” Stellar Blade of censorship. The movement on Change Org already has more than 40 thousand signatures and even includes videos of supporters asking for changes to the game.

“This is the final version”, says director of Stellar Blade

Recently, the director of Stellar Blade, Hyung-Tae Kim, responded to “accusations” of censorship against the game at an event. He states that this is not the case and clarifies that “this is our final product”.

Director’s answer to the change in the outfit[VIDEO]
byu/HeavyMachinegan settingsblade

The response was not so well received by some players and many of them are encouraging other fans to refund the game on the PS Store.

In publication on the streamer’s subreddit Asmogoldthe user Breasts761 states that support from Playstation is refunding the purchase of Stellar Blade if you claim false advertising as a reason.

Stellar Blade refund message on PS Store.Stellar Blade refund message on PS Store.Font: Reddit

How bizarre that some people complain that the protagonist of Stellar Blade It’s not sexualized enough, is it? Comment your opinion on the subject on social media Voxel!


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