Released on August 29th for PC and consoles, Sea of Stars is a new turn-based RPG produced by Sabotage Studio, the same developers behind The Messengerwhich stands out for its beautiful pixel art visuals. The game is already a huge hit with over 100,000 copies sold in the first 24 addition to being available at no additional cost in the catalog of services such as PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass.

For this reason, Sea of Stars has great chances of being the entry point for many players in the RPG genre. Although it is quite inviting for beginners, as pointed out in the Voxel review, there are some tips and strategies that are essential to do well in the game. In the following lines, check out five tips for those who are starting in Sea of Stars. Check out:

1. Constantly switch between characters

As the player progresses through the story of Sea of Stars, the main party is left with more characters than those who are active in combat. However, it is possible to freely switch between members without the need to lose shifts. This is critical for decision-making and strategy, as different enemies have their respective vulnerabilities.

In other words, don’t be afraid to switch limbs during combat. Try out your techniques to find out how they work and, above all, select the corresponding character to break your opponent’s locks with the corresponding element, which serves to postpone some of your most powerful techniques.

2. Master the studs and reinforcement systems

Decision-making is fundamental to win the most intense struggles of Sea of Stars, as the game does not have a grinding system, that is, the task of repeating battles to level up the main group, like old RPGs. Sometimes, enemies have icons that, when the player attacks with the corresponding properties, postpone their most powerful techniques and guarantee an advantage in combat. This is called the lock system and is at the core of the game’s system.

Valere, for example, is capable of dealing damage blunt e lunarwhile Zale, cutting e solar. When the player learns to “use magic without using magic” with the Reinforcement system, within the first few hours of gameplay, ordinary attacks are capable of dealing physical and magical damage at the same time, based on the character’s Innate Magic. This is key to breaking locks on common enemies and bosses, so it’s important to get used to these systems first.

3. Use Serai’s Disorientation Technique

Serai, one of the first allies to join the player’s party, has an extremely useful technique called Disorientation. Although it is quite expensive, she is capable of delaying enemies’ turn considerably in case of perfect timing., in addition to dealing bashing damage. If combined with her Innate Magic, the technique still deals poison damage and proves extremely useful.

With Disorientation, the player is able to buy time in several decisive moments, either to heal the group or to break the locks of bosses that already appear with only one turn to counterattack.

4. Master Synchronized Action

as in Super Mario RPG, Sea of Stars benefits players who perform actions in sync with animations – and this is something that goes for common attacks, abilities and defenses in general. In addition to dealing more damage or mitigating enemies’ attacks, the synchronized action also usually delivers a second blow, which is key to breaking enemy locks. When the player releases the character Resh’an, his synchronized basic attack deals area damage and is extremely useful.

In case of difficulties, there is a very useful relic at the beginning of the game, called Sequential Brightnesswhat gives visual and audible feedback the moment the player hits the synchronized action. In this way, the user has an easier time identifying the correct tempo and creating muscle memory.

5. Don’t waste your combo bar

When the player performs actions in combat, a combo bar starts to fill in the left corner of the screen. It gives access to both offensive and defensive group techniques for the characters and they are very useful, but it is important to use them at the right time.

For example, the combos are especially strong because they mix the elements of the characters, making it easier to break enemy locks. You just have to pay attention to the fact that the combo bar resets with each fight, so don’t miss the chance to use the techniques together whenever you can to optimize your turns.

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