Roll20 joins forces with Dungeon Scrawl to elevate RPG map creation

Firstly, the Dungeon Scrawla leader in map creation services for online tabletop games, is taking another revolutionary step.

Players around the world already love creating custom maps. Therefore, they choose between hexagonal and square grids and add different furniture.

Now, with the prospect of integration into the Roll20this experience will certainly reach new horizons.

Roll20 Enhances Roleplaying with Real-Time Dungeon Design for D&D image by roll20

Why does everyone love Dungeon Scrawl?

Dungeon masters have always sought the best digital tools and, in this scenario, Dungeon Scrawl stood out impressively.

However, with its future integration into Roll20, the platform aims to simplify the process even further.

This will allow GMs to incorporate their maps into adventures with never-before-seen ease.

Roll20 brings adventures to the digital world

If you’re not yet familiar with Roll20, it’s important to highlight that it transforms D&D campaigns into epic digital adventures.

It not only allows players to upload their character sheets but also manage inventories.

And soon, with the addition of Dungeon Scrawl, the platform undoubtedly promises to revolutionize the way players experience their stories.

The future is bright for online RPGs

Roll20 leader Andrew Searles is excited about the new possibilities. He imagines, for example, a world where players can easily export maps.

Furthermore, he sees a library full of shared creations, accessible to everyone.

While these are just concepts at this time, they highlight the tremendous potential of the partnership between Dungeon Scrawl and Roll20.

Finally, integration work is already underway.

Therefore, players are eagerly awaiting the news. While we wait, Roll20 continues to offer all its tools to guarantee unforgettable adventures.

And for those who have never accessed Dungeon Scrawl, just click here.


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