A LCS went through a major crisis between the transition from the first stage to the second, with the players going on strike and the league being suspended from the initial date when the matches were supposed to actually start.

It’s no secret that the North American LoL scene has been plummeting in recent years, while in terms of numbers, Brazil is growing more and more every year. In this sense, the possibility of a League of the Americas, similar to what would happen in VALORANT, is widely considered in community discussions.

No MD3, Caco AntunesHead of LoL for the Americas, commented on the possibility of this movement and what he thinks of the idea.

All possibilities exist. We have to consider what is best for the sport and the community. Everything exists. Is it the time? In my opinion, no

For him, it makes sense to connect regions to “develop talent”, but the executive states that this is not the only solution and nor does it need to be now, since CBLOL, according to him, still has “a path to follow.”

However, the director also comments that this solution could be plausible in the future and explains a little more about the championship that will bring together Academy teams from all regions of the Americas.

Is there a thesis that, if we speed up international meetings, growth will accelerate? Yes. So we are discussing a ‘tier 2’ connection, between the regions, which starts with this international event, but we are discussing other ideas, so that we can accelerate

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LOUD no Worlds 2023

LOUD will represent Brazil at Worlds 2023, the LoL world cup, and has already confirmed that it will hold a bootcamp for the tournament. The Brazilian team will have its first clash against Gigabyte Marines, champion of Vietnam and is in the same bracket as Rainbow7 e PSG Talonthis will be only Brazil’s third match against a Vietnamese team.

Croc, during the press conference, commented that he wanted revenge against PSG. The community also reacted to the draw for the Brazilian team in the LoL World Cup.

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Source: https://maisesports.com.br/cblol-2023-nao-e-o-momento-diz-caco-sobre-juncao-com-a-lcs

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