Now available “Captain Laserhawk: Blood Dragon Remix”new adult animated series from Netflix. Produced by Adi Shankar – famous for reinterpreting pop culture characters in a subversive and violent way – the anime includes references from several Ubisoft games in the script, including Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy, Beyond Good And Evil, Far Cry: Blood Dragon e Rayman.

There are 6 20-minute episodes filled with characters from the entire Ubisoft game catalog from another dimension in a dystopian science fiction future. Although there is still no new game, Rayman fans were finally able to see the character in action.

The beloved mascot appears in the series as a host of the talk show “Eden Late Show” in addition to being a news anchor for The Eden Report. The character’s adult representation ended up impressing fans.

As the series progresses, he descends deeper into depravity and He is seen drinking constantly, snorting cocaine and even swearing. The franchise Assassin’s Creed is not represented by Ezio, but by an anthropomorphic frog. The Rabbids are interdimensional intruders.

They are all led by the cyborg super soldier Dolph Laserhawkthe captain was the victim of betrayal in the first episode and is forced to unite a group of enemies of the State, including Jade and Pey’j from Beyond Good & EvilBullfrog and Order of Assassins and the professional fighter Cody Rhodes who makes a brief appearance.

Fortunately, the satirical cartoon proves how Ubisoft makes your brand more flexible. Still, seeing Rayman in a version like this is truly surprising.

Captain Laserhawk: Blood Dragon Remix is available on Netflix.


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