The Xbox community in Brazil has not been very satisfied with the brand since the last Xbox Series S price update, which took place at the beginning of November. Phil Spencer, commander of Microsoft’s games division, came to São Paulo for CCXP and spoke about the subject in a somewhat vague way on the FanFest stage — but now he explained himself better in an interview with FlowGames.

If you are off topic, please understand that Xbox Series S price increase here was considerable: the suggested value of the console was R$2,649 to R$3,599 — representing an increase of almost 36%.

“The Xbox community here in Brazil is at the forefront as we look at trends in our business,” explained the executive at FanFest. “I think it’s important for us to show up, listen and make sure we respect the investment that the Brazilian community makes in Xbox and show that we respect and value that.”

Phil Spencer explains the increase in the Xbox Series S in Brazil better: “we held on as long as we could”

Shortly after the statement made on the FanFest stage at CCXP, the executive gave an interview to FlowGameswhere he explained in more detail about the Xbox Series S price increase in Brazil.

“I’ll start by recognizing that price increases will never be a positive point,” Spencer explained to journalist Bruno Micali. “It’s not something we like, we want to make the price as affordable as possible […] And even at the price we have now, after the increase, this is, for us, in terms of what we can see from Series S sales [no Brasil]probably the smallest margin in the world of what we get, of the revenue we manage to obtain”.

“We held on as long as we could,” says Phil Spencer about the Xbox Series S price increase.Fonte:  GettyImages

The executive understands that “price changes will never be applauded”, and that was why the North American giant “held the original price as long as possible” for three years. Still, Spencer explains that he always considers “people’s feedback and how they feel at a time when consumer electronics are already expensive here because of taxes.”

“What I hear most about them [fãs da marca]being here, they just want us to be respectful towards them as consumers, and I respect that […] People tend to compare the price to that in the United States, which I consider a mistake, and there are other taxes in relation to those in Brazil”, concludes the executive on the issue of Xbox Series S price increase.

End of localization of Xbox games in Brazil? It’s not good there…

Phil Spencer also commented on recent rumors suggesting the end of localization of Xbox games in Brazil and that they are not true. “Yes, you can trust that we will continue locating,” she said.

Rumors about the end of Xbox game localization in Brazil are false.Rumors about the end of Xbox game localization in Brazil are false.Fonte:  Xbox

“We need to continue growing as Xbox, and I think we did a good job in Brazil and LATAM [América Latina]. I believe there are other markets where Xbox can do a better job at localization, so I’ll continue to pursue that. But I like where we are now with consumers in Brazil, and feedback matters. We listen to you and this has an impact on what we do”, explains the Xbox boss on the issue of localization.

During CCXP, Xbox executives also revealed that Brazil is the second country that most uses PC Game Pass and xCloud, the company’s cloud service, in the world. In other words, even with the increase in the price of the Xbox Series S, the country still has significant influence in Microsoft’s gaming segment.

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