Aiming at the gradual improvement of CS2a Valve released another update for the game. Between bug fixes and problem solving, the developer improved the FPS sub-tick. This was one of the community’s recurring complaints.

In the update released last Thursday night (30), Valve changed the sub-tick timing to make the game more fluid. In this same sub-tick change, the company also changed the animation for launching grenades and firing a revolver.

Additionally, Valve also fixed bugs in Nuke, Mirage, Vertigo, Anubis e Ancient. There were at least five corrections in each of the maps.

This is yet another update where Valve shows an effort to improve the player experience. Since the launch of CS2, the developer has worked on several updates over time to fix problems identified by itself or the community.

(Image: Disclosure/@pDylan002)
Bruno Martins
published in December 1, 2023


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