After a few months of open beta availability, the MultiVersus it was removed from digital stores in June last year — and was offline until last Tuesday (28). Now, the free brawler from Warner Bros Games is finally available in its final version and has already achieved great numbers on Steam, with more than 100 thousand simultaneous players there.

According to information obtained in the SteamDBValve’s platform database, the MultiVersus had 114,515 concurrent players just one day after its relaunch — this is almost 75% of the game’s historical peak, in July 2022. At the time, the brawler was received by 153,433 simultaneous players.

What new features arrived in the final version of MultiVersus?

O MultiVersus returns with many significant changes and additions for fans this year. One of the most impactful is the fact that the game has been switched to Unreal Engine 5, in addition to the addition of revamped netcode to provide a “world-class online experience.”

Additionally, players can enjoy Rifts, a PvE mode that consists of several modes for solo and cooperative play. There are several types of Rifts available to try, from tutorials to special Rifts — and it looks like there’s a lot more coming.

Joker was one of the new characters that arrived with the MultiVersus relaunch.Fonte:  MultiVersus

Clear, o MultiVersus also expanded its roster of fighters. In addition to the already traditional ones, such as Batman, Bugs Bunny, Shaggy, Harley Quinn and many others, Warner’s free brawler had the addition of three new characters in its relaunch: Joker (Batman), Jason Voorhees (Friday 13) and Watch Banana (Adventure Time).

Want to see the complete list of fighters from MultiVersus? So check out the names below:

  • Marvin, or Marciano;
  • Gizmo;
  • Black Adam;
  • Mohican;
  • Rick;
  • Morty;
  • Lebron;
  • The Iron Giant;
  • Taz;
  • Velma;
  • Arya Stark;
  • Batman;
  • Long leg;
  • Find, O Humano;
  • Garnet;
  • Harley Quinn;
  • Jake the Dog;
  • Dog;
  • Sausage;
  • Steven Universe;
  • Superman;
  • Tom & Jerry;
  • Wonder Woman;
  • Joker;
  • Jason Voorhees;
  • Watch Banana.

MultiVersus is free to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. If you want to know more information about the game, such as minimum and recommended requirements to run it on PC, click on the link below!

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