After a catastrophic and controversial launch in December 2020, it appears that the development of Cyberpunk 2077 was finally completed by CD Projekt RED. Almost four years later, apparently, the futuristic RPG has arrived in its long-awaited final version.

In a new fiscal presentation published last Tuesday (28), the Polish studio showed how many people are currently working on the house’s many projects — with each of them having numerous stages of development.

Relationship with the number of people currently working on CD Projekt RED projects.Source: CD Projekt RED

According to the information, there is no one working on Cyberpunk 2077 since last April 30th. Previously, on February 29, there were only 17 developers working on the futuristic RPG.

On the other hand, the size of the team working on Project Orion, the sequence of Cyberpunk 2077grew a little — going from 47 people on February 29th to 56 people on April 30th.

The second game in the franchise has been in the conceptual phase since October last year, with most of the developers working directly from CD Projekt RED’s recently opened office in the United States.

More than 400 CD Projekt RED developers are currently working on the new The Witcher

Another interesting fact to note in the document is that There are currently no less than 407 CD Projekt RED developers working on the Polaris project, codename for the new game in the franchise The Witcher.

If you’re looking forward to more adventures in the wizard’s universe, know that CD Projekt RED is currently working on three projects related to the franchise: Polaris, Canis Major from Sirius. As previously stated, Polaris is the codename of The Witcher 4which will be the first in a new trilogy in the saga.

There are more than 400 developers working on the new The Witcher, according to CD Projekt RED.There are more than 400 developers working on the new The Witcher, according to CD Projekt RED.Source: CD Projekt RED

Already Canis Major it refers to the long-awaited remake of the first game, which is being remade from scratch in Unreal Engine 5 and should only be released after the sequel — which does not yet have a date.

The project Sirius has not yet been revealed, but we know that it is a singleplayer and multiplayer game set in the universe of The Witcher developed by The Molasses Flood studio. There are currently 39 developers working on it.

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