O Masters Madrid 2024 ended last Sunday (24) and the LOUD he was in fourth place at the end of the competition. During PlatChat, international commentators talked about the Brazilian squad’s performance in the tournament.

Sean Gares talks about how Paper Rex countered LOUD’s sentinelless comps

When I watched LOUD at Americas I was a little worried, because they had good compositions, Saadhak created ways to play without wards and as he doesn’t like having wards. They have all these layers and protocols that handle this.

The problem is that when Less is the main guy in Sunset’s B as Viper, there is no Cypher, there is no sentry, but at the front of the tournament, Paper Rex managed to understand this.

Furthermore, Sean Gares informed that he is concerned about the composition of the Brazilian team. This is because good teams will be able to easily read the game plan.

I’m worried about this composition and the whole mentality of it because great teams can destroy this and good teams will have problems. They will receive false confidence from training where they are just crushing people on a daily basis without any adaptation, but when they go to tournaments and some team does anti-tactics, this will happen.

Raquel Ferreira
published in March 28, 2024

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/masters-madrid-2024-falsa-confianca-diz-casters-sobre-composicoes-da-loud

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