A BioWare is already working on the next game in the series Mass Effect. During the celebrations of N7 Day last Tuesday, the date on which BioWare usually releases teasers and news, fans received news of what could be the future title of the acclaimed space franchise.

A new teaser trailer was released, but unfortunately BioWare didn’t reveal much, just a likely protagonist walking with the N7 badge. It is worth remembering that the news comes amid a series of layoffs, a lawsuit and protests within the company.

Apparently, we already have the likely name of the game: Epsilon. The studio posted a five-second video on the franchise’s official YouTube channel titled “N7 Day 2023 | ÉPSILON”. Check out the trailer below:

BioWare had already revealed its next Mass Effect game during the The Game Awards 2020. A teaser featured the trilogy’s original character, Liara, and a message seen through a faulty relay.

In 2021, the studio released another hint with a special N7 Day image, and last year, a teaser with a hidden audio message to decode. We are in the third consecutive year that the company has teased its next game.

When will Mass Effect 5 be released?

Despite the news already released, there is a chance that the new Mass Effect will take a long time to reach the market. According to those responsible for the Giant Bomb website, who often leak industry details, the next game in the franchise will arrive after 2029.

According to insider Jeff Grubb, the game should follow a similar schedule to the game Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which was revealed in 2018, but has no release date and could arrive next year. “Doing the math, we’re talking about 2029 for Mass Effect 5.”

If the information is correct, the tendency is for BioWare to take a while to bring news about the game. So far, however, nothing has been confirmed by the company, which is going through a difficult time.

Turbulent times for BioWare

The company is famous for titles such as Mass Effect, Star Wars and Dragon Age Inquisition.Fonte:  Play4/BioWare

BioWare fired 50 employees in August, and was sued by seven former developers demanding 1.7 months of compensation per year of service. However, a company clause guarantees the right to only two weeks of compensation per year.

According to information from My city, developers suing the company say that “BioWare’s lawyers refused any offers of negotiation and settlement out of court.” “Despite what they announced publicly when they fired us, this process has been anything but empathetic, respectful and communicative,” one of the developers said in a press release.

According to Game Developer’s report, EA and BioWare appealed to the Alberta Labor Relations Board to block the protest, but the board ruled in favor of the union and the protest will continue.

The last game in the franchise was Mass Effect: Andromeda launched in 2017, and is available for Xbox One, Xbox One X, PC e PlayStation 4.

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