Find her LoLdle answer from today here at More Esports! Inspired by League of Legends, the LoLdle presents itself as a game of questions and answers. New challenges are launched daily and players need to guess the name of LoL champions based on characteristics, skills, lines, skin arts and other points.

Aug 23 LoLdle Reply – “How long have we been around, Sheep? Longer than those whose footsteps have long since disappeared. Many years. I remember them all.”

  • The classic LoLdle answer from the 23rd of August is Karma;
  • The LoLdle phrase of the 23rd of August “How long have we been, Sheep? Longer than those whose footsteps have long since disappeared. Many years. I remember them all.” It’s from Kindred;
  • The August 23 LoLdle skill is from Bel’Veth (E);
  • The Emoji Lodle of the 23rd of August is the Jinx;
  • The Splash Art LoLdle on the 23rd of August is from Amumu;
  • The August 23 LoLdle skin is the Amumu de Porcelana;

Yesterday’s LoLdle Answer – Aug 22

  • The classic LoLdle answer from the 22nd of August is Vex;
  • The LoLdle phrase of the 22nd of August “Storm arise!” It’s from Volibear;
  • The August 22 LoLdle skill is from Hecarim (Q);
  • The Emoji Lodle of the 22nd of August is the Rell;
  • The Splash Art LoLdle on the 22nd of August is from Vi;
  • The August 22nd LoLdle skin is the I saw Heartbreaker;

LoLdle Daily Challenges

Every day, the LoLdle minigame features five different challenges. These challenges include the classic, speech, champion skill, emoji that symbolizes some character and Splash Art of some champion.

classic loldle

In the classic challenge, the LoLdle response is based on a number of characteristics of the champion. Initially, you make a random guess, and from there the game marks as true or false questions such as Genre, Position, Species, Resource, Type of Reach, Region and Year of Release.

In addition, the game also provides color indicators for when you hit some feature, miss or partially hit.

LoLdle falas

The next LoLdle answer is in the lines category. Self-explanatory, this category provides audio of some champion’s speech and you need to get it right based on that. Many players consider this to be one of the hardest categories in the LoL minigame.

LoLdle skills

The third LoLdle challenge is skill. Based on a skill art thumbnail, you must hit the champion. The game lets you choose “normal” or “hard” mode, which randomly rotates the art and also puts on a gray filter. Sometimes a question also appears – bonus asking what the skill is

LoLdle emoji

LoLdle’s fourth challenge is the emojis challenge. The LoL minigame gives up to four emojis that represent a specific champion. It is important to note that these emojis are released gradually, so you start with just one and as you make mistakes, you release more tips.

LoLdle splash art

The last challenge of the day is splash arr, those LoL skin arts. Here the player must guess which champion is based on small pieces of art. With each mistake, another piece of art is released.

There is also a bonus question: “What is the name of Splash Art?. Here you must guess the name of the skin in question. When clicking on the answer box, the game itself lists all the champion’s skins, making it easier to answer LoLdle.

Tips for figuring out the LoLdle answer

As LoLdle is a game of knowledge and guessing, there aren’t many tips for playing it other than really knowing about LoL.

A cool hack is that you can type a letter in the writing field and the game will suggest all champions with that letter. This makes it easier for you to remember LoL champions, after all there are 160 characters in total, it’s hard for all the names to cross your mind all the time.

When do you update the LoLdle answer?

Every day, around 3 am, LoLdle updates the list of challenges. The interesting thing is that the time zone is the same for anyone in the world, which guarantees that no one will have the answer beforehand.

To play the LoL minigame, just go to We will release the LoLdle answer every day in the morning.

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