the world of Pokémon has several curiosities and peculiarities, and certainly one of them concerns pokeballs. These small items have been present in games since the first game and in different styles, but always with the same spherical size and ready to house any creature.

However, one thing that is always in people’s imagination is trying to understand how something so small manages to keep creatures like Charizard, Kyogre and many others of enormous proportions. If you also have this curiosity, and that’s exactly what we’ll talk about in the following lines.

Next, check out how a Poké Ball works and how the item manages to store giant monsters in a pocket compartment.

What is the inside of a pokeball like?

Those who follow the anime have certainly noticed that, when capturing a pet, the pokeball hits it and turns it into energy, sending him almost immediately inside. From that point on, many theories and speculations emerged on the net, but an interview made by the site my city in 2016 may have the official answer to that question.

In an interview with the site, Junichi Masuda, producer of Pokémon Sun and Moon, gave some clues to how the creatures behave when they are comfortably ensconced within their spherical homes. According to him, the interior of the item is very comfortable for the pokémon.

From the outside, the inside of a Poké Ball doesn’t seem to have anything very special. (Source: Screenrant)Source: Screenrant/Playback

“I think it’s safe to say that it’s quite comfortable in a Poké Ball, it’s a very comfortable environment. It would possibly be something equivalent to a luxury suite in a very expensive hotel”, commented the producer.

In this way, we can also deduce that Poké Balls are capable of creating the perfect environment for each creature. Despite being extremely similar on the outside, each capture item can adapt to the type of creature inside it, generating a warmer environment for a Blaziken, icy areas for a Glaceon or a more digitized theme for a Porygon, just to name a few examples. .

Does every pokémon like to ride in a pokéball?

The question above may seem a bit obvious, since in games virtually any creature is carried up and down in a Poké Ball. However, the animation showed us that not all Pokemon accept to live within these virtual environments.

One of the most practical examples is Ash’s Piakchu, which since the first season of the animation has always refused to walk in a Poké Ball. The Meowth that accompanies Jesse and James (the charismatic duo of Team Rocket villains) also follows the same path, and surely other creatures must think the same way.

Poké Ball is the most practical way to carry any creature from one place to another.  (Source: Screenrant)Poké Ball is the most practical way to carry any creature from one place to another. (Source: Screenrant)Source: Screenrant/Playback

One of the most accepted explanations for this concerns the interaction not only with the trainer, but also with other creatures of the same species, something that some creatures won’t trade for anything. That is, just like real animals, some Pokémon have a preference for an outdoor environment, even if their digital home is comfortable.

After all, despite generating a comfortable home, the pokéball also isolates the little monster from living in the real world. Therefore, it is important that he leaves this environment from time to time not only to get some fresh air, but also to socialize.

extremely old items

Ok, we mentioned above that the Poké Ball is an item capable of digitally replicating the perfect environment for a creature, which already leads us to understand that there is certainly a lot of technology involved in this process. However, the fact is that perhaps things have not always been this way.

Wooden Poké Ball may be proof that the item does not necessarily need absurd technologies to fulfill its function.  (Source: Twitter)Wooden Poké Ball may be proof that the item does not necessarily need absurd technologies to fulfill its function. (Source: Twitter)Source: Twitter/Playback

Em Pokémon Legends: Arceusfor example, we have a type of Poké Ball that is made of wood, and even the animation has already shown that something that simulated this item was already popular for this purpose in ancient times.

In one of the episodes, for example, Ash and Brock discover the ruins of Pokémopolis, and in the place they can see two large containers that were capable of holding a giant Alakazam and a Gengar in a layout very similar to that seen in Poké Balls – and that makes us think that, in fact, the act of capturing pokémon is a practice with a few centuries of existence and that possibly will not end and soon.

And you, did you know about all these details regarding pokéballs in Pokémon games? Would you like to share something else about this vast universe? Share your opinion with other readers of the Voxel using our social networks.

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