Who is the champion of LoL harder to kill when he is fed? The one that is already worth a gigantic reward, but he won’t give up for anything, you know? It was the question that Community do LoL did it in Reddit!

Who is the hardest fed LoL champion to kill?

For the creator of the poll, there are two champions in LoL that are bizarre to kill when they are fed:

I think it’s Zac. He has a lot of damage for a tank, an absurd heal, engage, disengage, throws enemies, slows him down, and has a passive that gives him immortality, making you have to target him a second time. Apart from all that, if he is fed, you need to do either anti-armor or anti-resistance magic and a healing cut. He basically does what he wants.

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Another player, main ADC, pointed out another tank:

As a main ADC, I say it’s Rammus. The reason is simple: I literally die trying to kill him.

Image of the new Rammus Defensor Jaquinha skin in LoL
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One player said he’s unstoppable against a champion when I’m fed:

First of all: I’m low elo, but when I feed on Swain, these noobs can never trade with me!

Image of Swain, League of Legends champion
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Keeping the debate between AP champions going, another player mentioned a LoL champion of this style:

A good Ekko never loses his reward, it’s bizarre!

Image of Ekko at 2xko ()Project L)
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And the list remained among the AP’s, check it out:

LoL’s nightmare is a full build Vladimir, and if he gets it before the enemies, he makes a 1v5. He may be the most bizarre burst mage I’ve ever seen in a game, but a good Vlad will always burst papers and kill them in two seconds. Tankers can’t stop him, neither can bruisers, it’s surreal!

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It’s for you? Who is the LoL champion who doesn’t die at all when fed?

In the photo the Blitzcrank emote
Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

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