The Brazilian gaming community is very active on several fronts. In addition to mods, another field in which some people work towards an improved experience It’s in game dubbing.

As game dubbing took a while to become popular in Brazil, many games loved by the public ended up without a localization in our country. However, several fan groups have already organized themselves and released modified versions of classic titles with voices in Brazilian Portuguese.

God of War 2 and more games received Brazilian dubbing made by fans.

In this special here at Voxel, I remember some games dubbed by Brazilian fans. In fact, many of these initiatives were acclaimed by the community itself due to their commitment and care. Check out!

6. Goof Troop

With the exception of fighting games and a few other titles, voice acting was rare in SNES games. Therefore, it was up to the community to work on voices for some classics, such as Goof Troop.

Made by the RetroDub team and released now in 2024, This dubbing appears in cutscenes and some dialogues during the levels. According to the team, the lines are incorporated at specific moments so as not to disrupt the gaming experience.

The work done by the team is noteworthy, as the voices were very close to the original (especially Goofy’s). Even NPCs received lines, which certainly revitalizes this Capcom classic that is quite successful here.

5. Resident Evil 4

Leon’s saga had certainly already attracted the attention of several Brazilian fans when it was launched for PlayStation 2. However, how surprised were these players to see that, a few years later, the title received a dub into our language?

The work done by the Silent Fandub team owes nothing to localizations made in more recent years, starting with the PS3 generation. The localization team took such great care that Even the village’s inhabitants have an accent, in addition to using Spanish terms in several speeches..

Certainly, Resident Evil 4 It is further proof that Brazilian dubbing, even amateur, has a lot of quality.

4. God of War 2

God of War It has always been a very popular franchise among the Brazilian public. It is true that all the recent games in the series are localized entirely in Portuguese, and anyone who wants can also check out dubbing work done by fans in God of War 2.

Signed by Maciell Dublagens in partnership with Silent Fandub, the dubbing work transforms Kratos’ second adventure into a new game. In particular, highlighting all the dialogues present in the cutscenessomething that certainly reduces the urge to skip these sections to check out all the lines.

Maybe we don’t see as much “Brazilianness” in the speeches, something that is totally explainable. Following this path, the texts are more faithful to the original, but the quality presented here is still something worth noting.

3. Silent Hill 3

Games from the PlayStation 2 era were certainly the most graced with voiceovers made by Brazilian fans. Expanding this list, we can also mention Silent Hill 3.

Once again, the localization work here is credited to Silent Fandub. Thanks to these fans, we had the chance to follow Ashley’s journey fully localized, giving more people the chance to understand everything that was happening on screen.

The work, in terms of quality, It doesn’t lose anything to what we see in more recent generation titles in terms of audio and mixing work. In fact, the video you can see above is further proof of the potential of the Brazilian community in localizing old titles, delivering what fans deserve and a little more.

2. Castlevania SotN

Let’s take a break from PlayStation 2 games to go back in time a little. After all, the ultimate PS1 classic, Castlevania: Symphony of the Nightalso has a version fully localized in good old Portuguese.

Created by Alfredo Junior, This is considered one of the best works done by the community in terms of dubbing. From Richter’s meeting with Dracula to Alucard’s interactions with other characters, everything sounds convincing and with a hat-tipping quality. Just check out the video above to see what we’re talking about.

1. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Let’s finish our list with another PlayStation 2 classic, which even tops the list of the console’s most pirated games: the iconic Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Made by the MaxBound Studios team, the work is really very close to that seen in the animation.

Without much effort, you can feel transported back to the anime universe starring Goku while enjoying the game. This, in fact, was a job that took a few years to complete, but it was certainly worth the wait.

And you, do you remember more games that received Portuguese dubs made by Brazilian fans? Share your opinion with other readers of the Voxel using our social networks.


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