Many champions of LoL have already undergone reworks, and some even more than once (isn’t that right, Rice?). However, which rework made the champion more difficult to play?

Community seeks to choose the champions that have become more difficult

O first rework was 2010, when they changed a mechanic at Kayle, since then there have been more than 20 reworks which increased the difficulty of some champions.

Among the more than 240 comments in the Reddit debate, LoLzinho fans choose their most difficult champion candidates over time.

Akali was one of those mentioned

Akali, she was perfect for stomping and without any complex mechanics. You only farmed up to 6, hoped the enemy team didn’t buy pink, and killed all over.

It’s worth remembering that Akali had 3 charges of her ult which, in addition to dealing a lot of damage, was point-and-click. Her entire skill kit was like that, without even needing to aim, with a lot of potential for assassination.

published in January 6, 2024


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