GTA Vice City is an unquestionable Rockstar classic and marked an era in the PS2 era. In November 2021, the North American studio launched a new generation version of the game, but ended up receiving a lot of criticism due to the lack of polish. Now, the Revolution Team, a dedicated group of modders, decided to create their own remaster, this time produced on the Rage Engine — the same graphics engine as GTA 4.

According to the video description on YouTube, GTA: Vice City Nextgen Edition, as the modders’ project is called, will maintain all the essence of the classic. This means that both the map and missions, cutscenes, weapons and many other striking aspects of the original will be maintained — but with that new generation touch. Check out the trailer:

GTA: Vice City Nextgen Edition’s focus is on optimizing gameplay

Although the graphics GTA: Vice City Nextgen Edition may be similar to those of the original game, the main highlight here will be the gameplay. As seen in the trailer, the remaster basically looks like a reworked version of GTA 4 which takes place in Vice City.

Revolution Team revealed in the video description that they also used assets from GTA Vice City and Definitive Edition (Xbox version) in production, which includes optimized textures for cars and NPCs, improvements to game physics, and additional fixes.

Furthermore, the game will have all the radio stations and scenes from the original version — but, of course, with improved quality. Check out some of the aspects being worked on by the Revolution Team below:

  • Improved Definitive Edition weapons;
  • All cars from the Xbox version of the game;
  • Models of all characters from the Xbox version of the game (with improved textures);
  • All original radio stations;
  • Scenes cut from the original game;
  • Design in the style of the original game;
  • Neon on buildings Vice City Stories;
  • Additional fixes and improvements from Revolution Team.

GTA: Vice City Nextgen Edition will release sometime in 2024 for PC, according to the trailer. So far, the project has not been blocked by Take-Two, but it is worth remembering that the owner of Rockstar is a little harsh with projects like this.

About that, GTA 6which will also take place in Vice City, will be released sometime in 2025 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. What are your expectations for the sequel? Comment on social media Voxel!


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