I imagine you have a lot of champions in mind LoL that need nerfs, but what if I told you that the Maokai Support is completely broken and needs nerfed? And look at the More Esports There’s everything to prove it!

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Maokai needs to be nerfed

Nerfs have the basic principle of regulating the game: either because Riot admits a mistake, or because Riot realizes that something is indirectly strengthening, and the second case is the case of Maokai. Maokai Support became a monster in Master+ in patch 14.2, and since then, the champion has only become popular in other links.

Why did Maokai become so strong?

As already mentioned: it was a combination of indirect factors – many items that granted Movement Speed, a basic gap in the champion for the Support role and the new possibility of items for Support, where there is a good option (Sky Opposition) and a great one for him (Solstice Sleigh).

In the photo the numbers and passives of Treno do Solstice, a great choice for Maokai Support
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Maokai Support impact numbers

Constantly the More Esports makes a tierlist by link band and patch, for example, in the patch 14.2 tierlist, Maokai appears in the Diamond + links with 62.40% wins in more than 150 mil games.

So Riot nerfed its cure to 14.3 Passive (which helped the champion stay in lane), the cooldown time of his E (which helped with vision), and the cooldown of his ultimate (which is the champion’s main asset). But none of this affected Movement Speed, so in the patch 14.3 tierlist, Maokai Support led the list from Iron to Master.

And in the patch 14.4 tierlist, even with more nerfs and none being to Movement Speed, the champion continued to lead the list from Iron to Master.

skins of natal maokai
Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games

Maokai Support will be nerfed!

If you’ve already checked out the preview of patch 14.5, you’ve already seen that Maokai Support is going to be nerfed. And guess where the nerf will be? Well, in Movement speed.

It’s worth mentioning that the champion has been buffed in recent Jungle patches, with greater damage to monsters in Q and other things. This shows that Riot considers that Maokai deserves a good space in the competitive and ranked, but not as support!

In the photo, Maokai, champion who surprises with Master's percentages +
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

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