Alert: this text is special for lovers of LoL history. That said, if you’re not passionate about it, the game only has four demons as playable characters: Fiddlesticks, Evellyn, Nocturne e Tahm Kench, the latter being the most recent, even though it was launched 9 years ago. And it seems that it will be 10 years since this part of history has been renewed.

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What are demon champions in League?

Demons in the history of LoL feed on different emotions, and are predecessors of all things, they are literally elders. According to the game’s story: there are ten Primordial Demons.

Fiddlesticks was the first of all, and this one feeds on Fear, and Ashley came in sequence feeding on the pleasure, but he is trapped in the weapon of Nilah. We also have the Evellyn that feeds on agonyo Tahm Kench consume the addiction, Nocturne that feeds on nightmare, Space (the demon consumed by Swain) that feeds on secrets and Tybaulk, who, in fact, is the Tibbers and Anniebut it is not explained what it feeds on.

LoL Kawaii Café Annie
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Community reacts to Tahm Kench and the demons in League

It all came up in a Reddit debate, and the vast majority of comments, from the older community, share the same thoughts as mine:

Tahm Kench is NINE years old????

Bizarre indeed, but returning to the subject of the story, a member of the community explained the role of demons in the story better:

Just clarifying so that fans don’t have any doubts: Darkins like Naafiri are not demons, they are warrior-gods of Shurima who were corrupted and sealed in their weapon by the Aspect of Twilight (the predecessor to Zoe, the current Aspect).

Image of champion Naafiri in LoL
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And a fan goes against all logic and says that we had a demon recently:

Hey, what about Yummi? It’s impossible for that to not be a demon!

Champion Yuumi
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And a fan criticizes the lack of events with these contexts from the game’s history:

It’s bizarrely insane how there hasn’t been a Void or demon event in League yet

I confess that I wouldn’t tank an event with Fiddlesticks, he’s bizarre.

LoL Star Guardian Fiddlesticks
Fiddlesticks Nemesis. Image: Disclosure/Riot Games


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