A LoL Season 2024 officially started this Wednesday (10) with patch 14.1, which brought thousands of changes. With all the news, one of the champions that has been standing out at soloQ is Singed, which currently has the highest win rate in ranked queues.

Singed has the highest win percentage

The champion with the highest winning percentage was Singedwinning 57.08% of Ranked Queues. The champion has been taking advantage of the removal of mythical items from the system and also some new items.

Despite not being one of the most popular champions in the game, Singed has been gaining favor with players, especially top laners. He is picked at every link, he is doing better at higher levels, more specifically from the Master upwards.

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Items that make Singed strong

Specifically, two items are making Singed’s life easier in League Ranked during patch 14.1. This is the Cryptoflora e Explosive Predator, which combine very well with the champion’s skill kit and also with his proposal.


Singed is one of the champions who can be very creative with the new item Cryptoflora. The item creates a large area of treatment which scales with the champion’s AP if he participates in an elimination.

How about you pull a target like E in the middle of a fight and get a Redemption for your team if they are shot down? Well, that’s what Singed can do with this item. See item statuses:

  • Total cost: 2,850 gold
  • Item Recipe: Jewel of Ruin + Demon Codex + 850 gold
  • 60 Ability Power
  • 10 Skill Haste
  • 30% Magic Penetration
  • Passive – Life on Death: when eliminating enemy Champions within 3s of dealing damage to them, creates a healing explosion at the location where the target died, healing allies by 50 (+50% AP). 60s cooldown.

Explosive Predator

Another item that has a lot of value in the champion is the Explosive Predator. It’s simple logic: Singed already runs a lot, imagine when he makes an item he gains 20 additional Movement Speed ​​while moving?

Going further: when the champion reaches the maximum accumulation of the item’s speed (20), he creates a path that increases the movement speed of allies by 15% (based on the item user’s movement speed). See item status:

  • Total cost: 2,400 gold
  • Item Recipe: Winged Lunar Cuirass + Chainmail + 700 gold
  • 250 Life
  • 40 Armor
  • 5% additional Movement Speed
  • Passive – Leadership: While moving, accumulates up to 20 additional Movement Speed. With maximum stacks, it leaves a trail that increases the Movement Speed ​​of allied champions by 15% of yours. Your next Attack discharges your accumulated Movement Speed; For melee Champions at full speed, this Attack also slows the target by 50% for 1s.

Below is a recommendation for skills to evolve, runes and the most purchased items for Singed:

In the photo, you can see the build that won the most in Singed
(Image: Reprdoução/LoLalytcs)
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