The last champion to break the LoL Master link was Maokai Supportbut now there is a Mid/ADC/Top which is producing PDL’s in patch 14.3.

O tier S do site LoLalytics is given to champions who have a considerable pick, win and ban rate, and this is the case with Twisted Fate!

Twisted Fate tier S in three routes

As we already mentioned, TF is one of the best champions to level up in patch 14.3, and this is due to the changes that the champion received in the patch. In Mestre+, for example, Twisted Fate is picked as Top in just 1.58% of the queues, something close to 2,000 games, but wins 58% of these games. As an ADC he appeared in more than 6 thousand games with a 57.92% victory rate.

How to play Twisted Fate Top or ADC?

If you are Top or ADC, for the items do: Mata-Craquéns, Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury e Smoking Cannon. These are the top picks! Your Rune will always be Foot Agility, aiming to hit and walk, always creating space against your opponent!

(Image: Reproduction/ Riot Games)

The good old TF Mid (and AP!)

Despite AD’s success, the champion is reigning even as AP and Mid: there are more than 16 thousand games in Mestre+ and 55.96% victory. For this TF you want to do: Staff of Ages, Lich’s Bane e Smoking Cannon as main items.

At Runa choose Electrocute: your job here is not to walk a lot, but to solve it with a W+Q!

So now, you know: Twisted Fate is the best pick for you to reign in clash, and look, the champion has even appeared in competitive. Just paste it on More Esports to dominate the patch monsters!

In the photo Twisted Fate, who has been dominating three lanes
(Image: Reproduction/ Riot Games)
Sergio Fiorini
published in February 16, 2024


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